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Title: new PSF release - Kousokuya DVD
Post by: alancummings on December 08, 2008, 02:02:45 AM

"Live at Shinjuku JAM, 2006"

PSFDV-1001 (DVD)   

Release date: November 21, 2008 -- OUT NOW!

Guitar, Vocals      Jutok Kaneko
Bass, Vocals      Mick
Drums         Ikuro Takahashi

The sudden death of Jutok Kaneko in January 2007 robbed the Tokyo underground scene one of its most startlingly original and emotionally devastating psychedelic free-thinkers. Kousokuya were the cold-space rock group that he led, one and off, since the late 1970s. This DVD documents two of the group’s final concerts, in May and October 2006 at Shinjuku JAM in Tokyo.

The group’s unique sound was founded on the dark, staggered spaces set up by the jarring rhythms set up by bassist Mick and drummer Ikuro Takahashi (ex Fushitsusha) over which Kaneko drapes some jaw-dropping guitar – bleak, brutal power-riffing one minute, shading into deep-space feedback filigrees and baroque fuzz forms the next. Unbearably psychedelic, deeply affecting and a fitting memorial to one of the great rock groups of the last thirty years.

Eleven tracks, 120 minutes. Includes booklet of lyrics in Japanese & English. NSTC, region-free. (

Forthcoming releases:

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January 2009      Tokasei Bunshi / self-titled CD (PSFD-182)
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Title: Re: new PSF release - Kousokuya DVD
Post by: krakow on December 08, 2008, 04:41:05 AM
Quote from: Volcanic Tongue
New archival DVD that bundles two complete shows - the last two Tokyo performances of the legendary Japanese underground trio Kousokuya. Both gigs take place at Shinjuku JAM, one on May 1st and the other on October 18th. The October 18th performance was previously available as a CD on the band's own Ray Night Music imprint. Both sets feature the classic line-up of the late Jutok Kaneko on guitar and vocals, Mick on bass and vocals and Ikuro Takahashi (Fushitsusha et al) on drums. The first set sees the group in stripped down psychedelic/doom mode with three pulverising re-thinks of central tracks, "Removal", "Breaking Suffering Song" and "The Dark Spot". The second set is remarkable for a whole bunch of reasons. It's the longest live set from Kousokuya yet, with seven tracks that span all of their best material - "The Miracle", "Ray", "On Waking" - and it features the group on their most extended form. Kaneko teases out every single track with endlessly poignant feedback ribbons and the kind of grinding metal guitar riffs that would combine monolithic power with fluxing space/time moves. Takahashi plays some of his most rocking drum breaks and Mick nails the whole thing to the floor with a full-on black hole bass style. But what's most affecting is the comparative lightness of touch that Kaneko has on the guitar, teasing delicate, unpredictable chord patterns from a mess of fuzz and embroidering even the most forbidding power-blues dirges with lucid, ornate chord shapes. "Breaking Suffering Song" never sounded so... baroque. One of the most amazing things about Kousokuya was their command of odd, staggered time signatures and it’s illuminating to see the physical genesis of their original rhythm-clashing style. The whole deal is professionally filmed in colour and comes with a menu and individually edited tracks in a DVD case with a booklet featuring English lyric translations by Alan Cumings and a region-free DVD. It's an extremely poignant and very powerful farewell to one of the all-time great rock bands of the modern age. Highly recommended.
Title: Re: new PSF release - Kousokuya DVD
Post by: phos on December 08, 2008, 05:17:33 AM
I think that's always better to support directly labels and artists...And even better on an economical level :
You can order it directly through PSF english website for $20 :
Title: Re: new PSF release - Kousokuya DVD
Post by: krakow on December 08, 2008, 06:41:01 AM
I wholly agree phos. I was just reading the VT update and saw that this new DVD was their "Tip Of The Tongue", so thought I'd post the review in case anyone was interested.