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Hadaka no Rallizes 20th Anniversary Remastered 5CD set

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After ordering a copy of this months ago and then being told its release had been put back, it arrived today!

Contains the 「'67−’69STUDIO etLIVE」「MIZUTANI」「'77LIVE」discs plus one extra bonus disk.

Modern Music have copies (200 copies available apparently), but they'll likely sell out quickly, even at 9,000 yen.


Oh, and Happy New Year!

I ordered a copy back in November (from PSF), but still haven't received it. I heard there was an issue with the pressing of one of the discs. How is it anyway? I can't wait for it to arrive.

I also ordered the 13cd set on Ignuitas recently, that should be excellent too.

Yeah, there is an issue with two of the discs, Nos. 3 & 4, they have "gap noise" while apparently the booklet has some problems too. Modern Music sent out an email at the end of the week apologizing for the problems, and they are going to send out replacement disks and booklet once they have been completed. I would imagine they are holding off on sending out new orders until the replacement bits arrive.

I haven't had much chance to sit down with the whole package yet, but for a jewel-package CD I can say it looks nice, with glossy silver and black cover inserts and replicas of the original CD covers. I guess I'll do a comparison of the original "Live 77" set and this new version at some stage, to see if I can spot any difference in the sound.

I'd love to order these but don't speak/read Japanese.  Any advice?


--- Quote from: wmfeedback on January 09, 2012, 02:00:08 AM ---I'd love to order these but don't speak/read Japanese.  Any advice?

--- End quote ---

Try emailing them directly and see if you can order a copy: shop (at) psfmm.com


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