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Author Topic: GRIM ABH BM new tapes from rockatansky  (Read 3865 times)


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GRIM ABH BM new tapes from rockatansky
« on: February 04, 2011, 12:54:45 PM »

This is an annoucement of Rockatansky records new release. This time have released 80's legendary industrial noise outfit GRIM's new recordings for over 20years, Nobuo Yamada's metal junk project ARTBREAKHOTEL well known as a collaborator with TNB, and tape maniac BURRIED MACHINE the label owner.  You can hear samples at my site and old titles are still available, hope you check them out.

Price 1000 Japanese Yen each including postage and payment accept paypal only at current exchange rate. Send me an email to make sure the stock before paying.
paypal address : ngtrybk(at)sea.plala.or.jp
asking stock, wholesale, any question and info : rockatanskyrecords(at)hotmail.com
Thank you for the attension.
rockatansky records
rr-005 GRIM 5eyes cs

Devastating obscure industrial noise outfit GRIM's first new recordings from the 80's. Voice spelling spastic, sound aggressive for loudness but it's also sensitive and stillness. The songs has many faces but doesn't change his point of view. It's realy apocalyptic.
The new phase of GRIM is start from here.
rr-006 artbreakhotel unbounded wall cs

Finest metal junk project of Nobuo Yamada, he well known as a collaborator with TNB and now he present a great concrete sound that brings another taste of metal junk that not only for harshness. Sound solid, thick, a great work.
rr-007 burried machine carrie cs

Tape maniac Burried Machine brings just 1tone taped on and on and on and breaking up the sound itself for making a hole through the sky. No efx or synth, pure black magnetic thin belt hit the sound mutant for the mind stoned.
rr-001 BURRIED MACHINE - austin cd \2000
rr-002 BURRIED MACHINE - 2pac endless csx2 \1200
rr-003 BURRIED MACHINE - magnetic wasteland cs \1000
rr-004 BURRIED MACHINE - bucket dome cs \1000
all price including postage