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EBAY: Japanese stuff Acid Mother Temple ltd ed of 5 CD + MORE


Hey all, need to pay some annoying bills, so I need to sell some AMT stuff, most of it is crazy rare and I am adding even more stuff including over the top rarities as the days go by:

I have an edition of 5 copies onlyy AMT disc that I need to sell, if anyone is interested, feel free to make offers.


New auctions posted, lots of Japanese stuff including the Acid Mothers Temple edition of 5 CD and tape!

Please bid.


Good luck! 
But, i'm grateful i don't have a Paypal a/c - i'd run riot here:
Facilitating plastic discs via plastic cards would be my deathknell!

Man, i got frissons when i read:
"...great condition for a handmade piece of burnt garbage"
How could anyone not adore this  de-/re-contextualizationist  stuff - it says so much about the music consuming experience and works on so many levels!


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