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Kan Mikami box on ebay

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Only two and a half hours to go (and counting) and at $200, unfortunately, but I only just spotted this and thought that there might be some interested parties here on this forum:


This isn't mine by the way (I wish it were), I just stumbled across it today.

Yea, I lost.. still desperately need that if anyone can help.

You were bidding? $326 is certainly a hefty chunk of money. What kind of other prices has it gone for before? I've seen it once before on ebay, a couple of years ago, but I don't think it even sold that time. Popsike doesn't have any copies listed.

I dunno, I got mine for 190 and felt a little iffy.  I think all the CDs are still individually available, so all you're paying for is the box, booklet and some stickers on the CD shrink...  No offense to Alan, but not sure if that's worth the 100 premium.

Were there not some CDs that were exclusive to the box? Or have they all been subsequently released individually as well? What's actually in there?


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