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Anyone can enlighten me about the key bands/individuals key to the MINOR scene? Alan Cummings article at the Wire site mentioned some but want to know more. Especially releases which I can lay my hands on. :o

Some of the key Minor players are still very much active - Keiji Haino, Tamio Shiraishi, Tori Kudo, though documentation for their work in this period is a little spotty. For Haino, Watashi Dake and the 1978 Fushitsusha (Eien no ho...) are round about the right period. For Kudo, try the Noise "Tenno" album.
The best realtime glimpse of the scene was the Aiyoku Jinmin Juji Gekijo compilation on Pinakotheca, unfortunately never reissued.

Other glimpses can be gained through the very early Kousokuya CD on PSF, which was actually recorded at Minor. Gaseneta and Taco are other threads worth pursuing.

thanks so much for the info alan! i do have the watashi dake and eien no ho CDs from haino & fushitsusha plus kudo's noise-tenno cd as well. the kousokuya cd live at minor i got it too. for gaseneta is it the soon or later CD on psf records? And for Taco, on which label is any of their releases on?

Taco (or Tako), who were led by Yamazaki Harumi from Gaseneta, released an album on Pinakotheca at the time, and a 12" on Chaos. These were later compiled on a single CD on SSE sometime in the mid 1990s, and to my knowledge have not been reissued.
There's a photo of the CD version here:

Kosakai's linernotes in the recent Incapacitants boxset contain a few reminisces of the group.

The Inundow releases of Cock C' Nell could also be of interest. The first incarnation of the band had Tori Kudo in the lineup and was very heavily based around noisy improvisation. The band became a bit more song-based (which I think was still quite excellent) but the original sound was an excellent representation of the nonsense of Minor.

Michio Kadotani's archival release on PSF is also an easy-to-track-down must.


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