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One exciting piece of news just in - in March, Jinya is to release a five CD boxset of previously unreleased Masayuki Takayanagi/New Direction Unit performances.

The performances seem to date from between the Axis and Moers period, and were recorded at the groups regular shows in Tokyo at JeanJean and Pulcinella in Shibuya. The group is a variety of trio, quartet, quintet and sextet lineups.

So we're looking forward to hear live performances dated between '75 and '80? This looks like a fantastic new! Thanks Alan. :) I am really craving to see what this release will look like.

But I assume the price range will be fairly high... say, ~ $90?

No idea what the price will be, but if the yen stays as strong against the euro/dollar/sterling as it has been, it's going to be pretty expensive.

I still cannot find anything related to this one...
Alan, did you hear about any news for this box set?

Some release date or range of price would be most welcome, indeed.  :)

Thanks in advance!

It doesn't appear to have been released yet. The original info came from Saito-san who runs the Jinya label - posted on Mixi, which is kind of the Japanese equivalent of Facebook. I guess that when it comes out, he will post again and add it to the Jinya site too:


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