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Author Topic: STUDIO VOICE Magazine: “Addicted to Noise" les rallizes denudes, hanatarash...  (Read 1965 times)


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i'm selling the STUDIO VOICE Magazine: “Addicted to Noise – Issue” (March 1st, 2000 – Vol. 291)

35$ + shipping (i accept paypal)

"one of the first magazines to rejuvenate the interest in Rallizes Denudes and giving them the cover as well as the main story in these pages. Loads of Rallizes pictures and flyers to gaze and drool over. This is followed by a special illustrated feature on Hanatarashi tape only releases and Boredoms stuff that saw the light of day in the eighties, complete with a visual overload of the handmade cover art that graced these beauties. The tape section is followed with a complete Hanatarashi illustrated discography up till then and it looks awesome, all in full color. Next up is a 6 paged Hiroshige Jojo (Hijokaidan) vs Merzbow illustrated flashback, giving some insight in the colorful releases of Akita and Hijokaidan. Next up are two illustrated pages on Keiji Haino and two illustrated pages on Masaya Nakahara of Violent Onsen Geisha, followed by two colorful pages on Muslimgauze. If you made it so far then the real treat has yet to start. Next up is a section of 15-some pages stuffed with Japanese underground writers/ musicians and label heads' favorite illustrated lists of avant-garde/weird shit/ noise/ scum and psyched out madness releases. Contributors are Nobotta Ando, Incapacitans' Mikawa-san, MoM'n'DaD productions' Naohiro Ukawa, noise collector Kukunache, MSBR's Koji Tano, Dub Sonic, Kazunao Nagata, Space Machine collaborator Nasca car, Yasuhito Higuchi, Pain Jerk (he has the coolest list of all), Headz chief, cum writer Manabu Yuasa, Pataphysique Records label head, Osaka's Time Bomb label head, Store 15 Nove, Tower Records avant-garde buyer Furukawa, Disk Union's avant-garde responsible, now defunct Fluxus noise shop Kurara Audio Arts, noise specialist JNR, noise/cum dealer NEds, avant-garde specialist label head Omega Point, Los Apson, PSF's own Ikeezumi and Forever's own Higashi Setosan. All give you their 15 top cum releases, fully illustrated. This mag will birth a whole new generation of want lists and will have you gazing at weird and unattainable record sleeves for days in a row. Brilliant magazine that will have you hooked. Hard to find these days due to the Rallizes illustrated cover story."