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Author Topic: Janitor from Mars underground CD sale  (Read 5568 times)


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Janitor from Mars underground CD sale
« on: October 27, 2008, 08:23:51 AM »
Hey all,

I'm trimming my collection down a little bit and have ~500 CDs up for sale.  I haven't graded the condition of each CD/package but unless otherwise noted it is in excellent shape, meaning no notable defects.  If you're really concerned feel free to drop me a line and I'll double check for you.

To order, e-mail me what you want with your location (country, zip) and I'll confirm what's available and the total. 

single disc shipping rates are as follows:
$5 airmail to Canada/Mexico
$? to Italy - unfortunately, due to past problems with Italian post, shipments to that country will require a trackable form of post
$8 airmail to other destinations

multiple discs can be combined to save - approx $1 each additional (US, Priority/First class), $.50 each (media mail) and $2 each (overseas)

I generally prefer PayPal due to ease of management, however I'm welcome to entertain other forms of payment if they're easier for you to deal with.

Any questions can be sent to rlim@@@!!!@@@!inch.......,com (remove excess punctuation until you get an e-mail address)

That's all, thanks Paul for letting me keep this list here.


Allan Bryant   Spaceball   IRML   slight yellowing of insert (unfinished paper) - 1st edition    $7.00       Powrfl nu electric gtarz!  From MEV
Alvin Curran   Songs and Views of the Magnetic Garden   Catalyst       $14.00    1993   1975 reissue +
Arnold Dreyblatt   "Live at Federal Hall National Memorial, 1981"   ToTE       $9.00    2006   
Brion Gyson / Various   "One Night @ the 1001, Vol. 1"   Sub Rosa   "original edition, 2CD in foldout cardboard cover (artwork different on reissue)"    $12.00    1998   "one disc of Moroccan field recordings, another of Gysin's Dilaloo"
Christoph Heemann   Invisible Barrier   Extreme   slight spine breaks on booklet    $20.00    1993   
CM von Hausswolff   Rays of Beauty   Sub Rosa       $9.00    1995   long out of print
Coil   Astral Disaster   Threshold   digipak    $28.00    2000   original pressing
Cor Fuhler and Gert-Jan Prins   The Flirts   Erstwhile       $6.00       
Cranioclast   Iconoclastar (Icon I-VI)   Musica Maxima Magnetica       $10.00    1992   
C-Schulz   4. Film Ton   Extreme       $6.00    1992   
Daniel Goode   Clarinet Songs   Experimental Intermedia   "1/2"" scratch on CD, plays fine"    $6.00    1993   
David First   Good Book   OO Discs       $6.00    1995   
Dissecting Table   Zigoku   Dark Vinyl       $12.00       
Farmers Manual   FSCK   Or   sealed    $12.00    1999   1999 reissue
Fennesz / Zeitblom / Rantasa   Music for an Isolation Tank   Rhiz       $7.00    1999   
Food   Veggie   Rune Grammofon   digipak    $8.00    2002   
Gilbert / Hampson / Kendall   Orr   Mute       $8.00    1996   
Henry Flynt   Raga Electric   Locust       $8.00       tracks 1963-71
Id Battery   Lily Events   Unique Ancient Tavern   "vellum sleeve, slight scuffs - plays fine"    $7.00    1997   
Ios Smolders   Music for CD-Player   Staaltape       $7.00    1994   """The listener as conductor"""
Jack Smith   Les Evening Gowns Damnees   Audio ArtKive / ToTE   "light scratch, plays fine"    $7.00    1997   "1962-64 tracks, feat John Cale, Tony Conrad and Angus MacLise on selected tracks"
James Plotkin & Tim Wyskida   8 Improvisations   Archive   cardboard sleeve - red cover    $10.00    2006   
Jason Kahn and Jon Mueller   Papercuts   Crouton       $4.00    2004   "sourced from the sounds of paper, e.p. length"
Jliat   16:05:94   Jliat       $8.00    1995   self-released debut
Jliat / Y9v9   The Ocean of Infinite Being   Jliat       $8.00    1996   
Joe Jones   Solar Music   ? Records       $18    2000   1983 recording courtesy of Edition Hundertmark
John Cale   Sun Blindness Music   ToTE       $8.00    2000   recordings 65-68
Keiji Haino   "To Start With, Let's Remove the Colour!"   PSF   gatefold sleeve    $12.00    2002   
Ken Field   Subterranea   OO Discs       $6.00    1996   
KK Null   Ultimate Material III   Manifold       $8.00    1995   
Kluster   Zwei Osterei   Germanofon       $5.00    1994   reissue 1971
Koji Asano   Momentum   Solstice   promo written on back of insert    $7.00    2000   
Lovely Midget   s/t   Corpus Hermeticum   paper foldout sleeve    $10.00    2000   
Maeror Tri   Emotional Engramm   Iris Light       $33.00    1997   
Magic Carpathians Project   Ethnocore 2: Nytu   Drunken Fish       $6.00       
Merzbow   Venereology   Relapse       $8.00    1994   
Mimir   Mimyriad   Streamline       $13.00    1993   "1st pressing; Christoph Heeman, Jim O'Rourke, Edward Ka-Spel etc"
Negativland   Negativconcertland   private press       $38 1993   "live DAT recordings and one of the first Internet-only mail order exclusive releases!  Features the U2 stuff, this copy is #281 out of what I believe is 1000."
No-Neck Blues Band   Sticks and Stones…   Revenant   elaborate wooden box packaging    $38    2001   First edition with wood and plexiglass packaging
Ora   Distances   Gnome   "CD-r, paper sleeve"    $45  1999   ltd to 50 each of four different cover editions; not a factory pressed CD
Orchid Spangiafora   No Cones Out   no label       offers    2001   
Per Svensson   Energy Loop / Element II   Firework Edition       $7.00    1998   
Peter Brandlmayr   Interaktionen   Durian   promo copy in clamshell    $3.00       
Philip Glass   Music in Twelve Parts   Nonesuch   3CD in slipcase    $16.00    1996   first complete recording
Pure & Ultra Milkmaids   s[e]nd   Vacuum       $8.00    2000   
Ralf Wehowsky / Kevin Drumm   Cases   Selektion   cardboard sleeve    $10.00    2000   
Remora   The Clockwork Ammonite Shells   Worry       $10    1997   
Reuber   Ruhig Blut   Staubgold       $6.00    2001   
Reznicek   s/t   Odd Size       $7.00    1996   
Richard Chartier   Set or Performance   Line / 12K   "paper sleeve, some glue on CD but plays fine"    $6.00    2004   
Robert Fripp   1999   DGM       $8.00    1994   solo soundscapes
Robert Reigle   The Marriage of Heaven and Earth   Acoustic Levitation       $7.00    1999   "originals plus compositions by Scelsi, Ayler.  Feat Stuart Dempster"
Seventh Sons   Raga (4 AM at Frank's)   ESP/ZYX       $7.00       
Suetso & Underwood   The Love Album   Diskono       $6.00       
Tarkatak / Anemone Tube   untitled   Transfixional Entertainment   CD-R    $8.00    1999   split CD-R
Tesendalo   Formlos 4&5   Prion   CD-R    $8.00       
Thomas Dimuzio   Sonicism   RRR   2CD    $4.00    1996   
"Todliche Doris, Die"   Kinderringellreihen fur Wahren Toren des Grals   Psychedelic Pig       $8.00    2002   rare/unreleased 1980-85
Trevor Wishart   Menagerie / Beach Singularity / Vocalise   Paradigm       $12.00    1997   
Ultra Milkmaids   Mort Aux Vaches   Staalplaat   "paper sleeve, no pin, ringwear"    $8.00       
Ultrasound   Hamesh   Another Autonomy   vellum sleeve    $8.00    2005   
Ultrasound   Yerida      more vellum; CD-R    $8.00    1999   170/400
Various Artists   (Y)earbook Vol. 1   Rastascan       $5.00    1992   feat Henry Kaiser
Various Artists   5 Sleepers… Baku   360       $13.00    2000   feat Minamo and others
Various Artists   Al-Jabr   Touch       $8.00    1999   "with Jim O'Rourke, Evan Parker, Simon Fisher Turner etc"
Various Artists   Angelica 1997   I Dischi di Angelica       $18.00    1997   "feat Dagmar Krause, Stock, Hausen & Walkman, Ground-Zero, Otomo Yoshihide etc"
Various Artists   Free 103.9 presents: Tune (In) (Audio Dispatch 11)   Free103Point9   "CD-r, paper sleeve"    offers    2003   "with unreleased MV+EE, Carlos Giffoni, Sybarite, etc; not a factory pressed CD (original issue), in paper sleeve"
Various Artists   Harta Performing - Radio Art   Harta       $7.00    1997   comp of Italian radio art
Various Artists   The Aerial #3   Aerial       $6.00    1991   "unreleased Ellen Fullman, Nicolas Collins, etc"

Ali Farka Toure   Radio Mali   Nonesuch   in slipcase    $8.00    1996   archival material from the 70s
Leadbelly   Complete Recorded Works 1939-1947 Volume 2   Document       $6.00    1994   June 1940 - mid '43
Various Artists   The Moon and the Banana Tree   Shanachie       $5.00    1996   comp of new guitar music from Madagascar

Archie Shepp   Blasé   Charly       $6.00    1994   BYG reissue
Bebel Gilberto   Tanto Tempo   Crammed   digipak    $6.00    2000   
Booker Ervin   That's It   Candid       $8.00       reissue 1961
Borbetomagus   Live at InRoads   PSF       $12.00    1992   Japanese re of a 1983 cassette
Bud Powell   Autumn Broadcasts 1953   ESP/ZYX       $8.00       
Bud Powell   Winter Broadcasts 1953   ESP/ZYX       $8.00       
Byron Allen Trio   s/t   ESP/ZYX       $8.00       
Cecil Taylor   Jumpin' Punkins   Candid   "spindle crack, does not affect play"    $6.00       
Charlie Mingus   New York Sketchbook   Affinity       $7.00    1986   """including the complete East Coasting session"""
Charlie Parker   Broadcast Performances Vol 2   ESP/ZYX   "tiny scratch, plays fine"    $8.00       Royal Roost recordings from 48/49
Charlie Parker   Charlie Parker Memorial Vol 1   Savoy   LP style cardboard sleeve    $8.00       
Charlie Parker   The Immortal Charlie Parker   Savoy   LP style cardboard sleeve    $8.00       
Christopher Cauley   FINland   Eremite       $6.00    1996   "with Wm Parker, Steve Swell and Gregg Bendian"
Cosmos   Tears   Erstwhile       $7.00       Sachiko M / Ami Yoshida
Dean Roberts / Werner Dafeldecker   Aluminium   Erstwhile       $6.00    2000   
Dial:Log-Rhythm   s/t   Matchless       $12.00    1999   duet with Keith Rowe and Jeffrey Morgan
Django Reinhardt / Stephane Grappeli   Le Quintette du Hot Club de France   Cameo       $6.00    1995   """best of"" compilation"
Dorgon & Willam Parker   Broken/Circle   Jumbo   paper bag insert    $8.00       
Ercklentz / Neumann   Oberflachenspannung   Charhizma       $6.00    2003   
Evan Parker Electro-Acoustic Ensemble   Toward the Margins   ECM   with slip case    $10.00    1997   
Fat   Magnetizer   Megaphone       $6.00    1992   Borbeto-esque
Fetish   s/t   Tautology       $7.00       
Focus Quintet   1-8 in 1   Sachimay       $5.00    2002   "with Ernesto Diaz-Infante, Chris Forsyth"
Gunter Muller / Le Quan Ninh   La Voyelle Liquide   Erstwhile       SOLD       oop
Hal Russell   Hal's Bells   ECM       $8.00    1992   RIP
Hans Reichel   The Death of the Rare Bird Ymir / Bonobo Beach   FMP       $12.00       2fer reissue of 1979/1981 albums
Irene Schweizer   Piano Solo Vol 1   Intakt       $9.00    1991   
James Carter   JC on the Set   Columbia       $6.00    1994   
James Carter   The Real Quietstorm   Atlantic       $6.00    1995   
James Coleman   Zuihitsu   Sedimental       $5.00    2001   solo theremin
Jin Hi Kim   Sargeng   Ear-Rational       $10.00    1990   "with Elliott Sharp and Henry Kaiser, also some stunning solo pieces"
John Ehlis Ensemble   San Carlos   Sivac       $5.00    2002   West Coast free jazz
Julius Hemphill Sextet   Fat Man and the Hard Blues   Black Saint       $9.00    1991   
Jun Kawasaki   Left Bank / Right Bank   Bishop       $12.00    2004   serious music from EXIAS-J member - features other members
Kazuhisa Uchihashi   Phosphorescence - Guitar Solo 2   Zenbei   no inlay card (may not have come with one)    $12.00    1997   as featured on the Improvised Music From Japan box
Kevin Drumm / Martin Tetreault   Particles and Smears   Erstwhile       $7.00    2000   
LaDonna Smith / Davey Williams   Transmutating   TransMuseq       $7.00    1993   their last recording together
Malachi Thompson & Africa Brass   Buddy Bolden's Rag   Delmark       $7.00    1995   great free-bop from the AACM
Marion Brown   Three for Shepp   Impulse!   digipak    $12.00       "reissue 1966 with Dave Burrell, Sirone, Grachan Moncur III; out of print"
Matt Weston   Vacuums   Sachimay       $5.00    2000   
Max Roach   Percussion Bitter Sweet   Impulse!       $7.00    1993   "reissue - 1963w/ Booker Little, Eric Dolphy, Clifford Jordan"
Motoharu Yoshizawa / Takehisa Kosugi / Haruna Miyake   Angels Have Passed   PSF       $11.00    1992   
Orchester 33 1/3   Maschine Brennt   Charhizma       $9.00       Christof Kurzman's big band project feat Christian Fennesz and many more
Patty Waters   Sings   ESP/ZYX       $6.00       
Quintetto X   Novo Esquema da Bossa   Schema       $8.00    1997   Italo-bossa; first edition
Rajesh Mehta & Vojtech & Irena Havel   A Day in Benedict   Hermit Foundation       $8.00    1997   
Raphe Malik   Speak Easy   Le Systeme   cardboard sleeve    $5.00    2001   solo trumpet
Raphe Malike Quartet   Sirens Sweet & Slow   Out Sounds       $7.00    1994   with Glenn Spearman
Rich Corpolongo Quartet   Smiles   Delmark       $6.00    1998   Third stream freeness from Chicago
Rob Brown Trio   Breath Rhyme   Silkheart       $7.00    1989   Roscoe Mitchell-esque alto sax with Wm Parker and Dennis Charles from 1989
Sainkho Namchylak   Letters   Leo       $8.00    1993   "solos and duos feat Joelle Leandre, Mats Gustafsson and more"
Sam Rivers & Alexander von Schlippenbach   Tangens   FMP       $10.00    1998   
Sawai / Doneda / Imai / Le Quan / Saitoh   Une Chance Pour l'Ombre   Victo       $7.00    2004   
Sea Ensemble   We Move Together   ZYX/ESP       $7.00       re 1974
September Band   The Vandoeuvre Concert   FMP       $8.00    1995   Carl / Hirsch / Lovens / Reichel
Sun Ra   Nothing Is…   ESP/ZYX       $7.00       
Sun Ra   Other Planes of There   Evidence       $7.00    1992   
Sun Ra   Out There a Minute   Blast First       SOLD    1989   late 60s recordings
Sun Ra   Purple Night   A&M   "light scratch, plays fine"    $7.00    1990   
Sun Ra   The Singles   Evidence   2CD    SOLD    1996   with crazy informative booklet
Sun Ra   Visits Planet Earth / Interstellar Low Ways   Evidence       $7.00    1992   
Supersilent   5   Rune Grammofon   foldout digipak sleeve    $8.00    2001   
Thelonious Monk   Monk's Blues   Columbia   "tiny scratch, plays fine"    $5.00    1994   with bonus tracks
Thomas Lehn / Gerry Hemingway   Tom & Gerry   Erstwhile   "2CD - minor scratch on disc 1, doesn't affect play"    $10.00    1999   oop
Toshimaru Nakamura   No-Input Mixing Board 2   A Bruit Secret       $7.00    2001   
Various Artists   Vibes From the Tribe Vol I   P-Vine       $9.00    1997   
Various Artists   Vibes From the Tribe Vol II   P-Vine       $9.00    1997   Tribe label comp
What We Live   s/t   DIW   "gatefold sleeve; disc marked ""sample"""    $8.00    1996   compelling jazz trio from the Rova crew
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Re: Janitor from Mars underground CD sale
« Reply #1 on: October 27, 2008, 08:25:09 AM »
#Poundsign#   Wavelength   Fantastic       $5.00    1998   
((Sounder))   Good Things Come and Go Like Bad Things   Volcom       $7.00    2008   
3Ds   Hellzapoppin   First Warning       $6.00    1992   
99 Hooker   99 Hooker's Generica   Pax       $5.00    2004   feat Donald Miller
Abunai!   Universal Mind Decoder   Camera Obscura   IPR-style chipboard sleeve    $15.00    1997   "1st album, as featured on Mutant Sounds - housed in IPR-style chipboard sleeve"
Acetone   York Blvd   Vapor   promo stamp on insert    $5.00    2000   US Brit Pop
Agitation Free   The Other Sides of…   Garden of Delights       $13.00    1999   1974 recordings
Amon Duul II   Kobe (Reconstructions)   Captain Trip       $10.00    1996   
Amy Winehouse   Frank   Island       SOLD    2003   
Andromeda   s/t   Second Battle       $17.00       the German band
Arbete & Fritid   Deep Woods   Resource       $12.00    1993   compilation 1970-79
Asha Vida   As One of One   Icon       $7.00       "Michigan shoegazers, part of the whole Audrey's Diary / Veronica Lake / Black Tambourine scene"
Ass Ponys   Grim   Okra       $6.00    1992   before alt country was a genre…
Au Pairs   Sense & Sensuality   RPM       $15.00    1993   reissue of a 1982 album plus a bunch of tracks from BBC sessions and the (aborted) next album (which are NOT included in current reissue)
Ax Genrich   Wave Cut   ATM       $12.00    1995   boogie style jamming from ex Guru Guru guitarist - still got the Motts
Badly Drawn Boy   About a Boy   XL       $5.00    2002   
Badly Drawn Boy   The Hour of the Bewilderbeast   XL       $6.00       
Bag   Crazy Stone Head / Midnight Juice   Helter Skelter       $22.00    1994   Pretty sure this is a reissue of a Rockadelic album + a bonus album otherwise unreleased
Barbara Manning   1212   Matador       $6.00    1997   
Barbara Manning and the Go-Luckys   Transatlantic Trips   Return to Sender       $20.00       Mailorder only odds and sods comp
Bardo Pond   Vol. 1   no label       offers       
Beach Boys   Good Vibration - Disc 5 (sessions)   Capitol   "Skips during ""Be True to Your School"" due to scratch, otherwise fine"    $5.00    1993   lots of great session / demo / live / vocal & instr tracks
Beach Boys   Sunflower   Caribou       $5.00       
Beach Boys   Surf's Up   Caribou   "scratch on disc, play unaffected"    $5.00       
Bedhead   WhatFunLifeWas   Trance Syndicate       $6.00    1993   "feat the post Galaxie 500 anthem ""Bedside Table"""
Belle and Sebastian   This Is Just a Modern Rock Song   Jeepster       $4.00    1998   
Beth Gibbons & Rustin Man   Out of Season   Go Beat!       $9.00    2002   orig UK pressing
Biff Bang Pow!   "L'Amour, Demure, Stenhousemuir"   Creation   "scratches on disc, play unaffected"    $12.00    1991   retrospecitve 1984-1991
Bintangs   Travellin' in the USA   PolyMedia   with blue cd tray    $9.00    1998   Dutch blues rock greatest hits
Bitch Magnet   Umber (and Star Booty)   Communion Label   "slight scratches, play unaffected"    $5.00    1989   
Black Dice   Beaches & Canyons   DFA   digipak    $6.00       
Bloodthirsty Butchers   I'm Standing Nowhere   RBF Int'l   obi a little tattered    $12.00    1993   
Blur   The Great Escape   Virgin       $6.00    1995   
BORB   BORB in Orbit   Twisted Village       $6.00    1995   Bongloads of Righeteous Boo!
Brise-Glace   When in Vanitas…   Skin Graft       $6.00    1994   1994 This Heat-ness from Jim O' Rourke
Brother JT   Music for the Other Head   Siltbreeze       $8.00    1995   epic and weird
Cakekitchen   Time Flowing Backwards   Homestead   "slight scratches, play unaffected"    $5.00    1991   
Charlatans UK   Between 10th and 11th   BMG / Beggars       $6.00    1992   
Chicks on Speed   Will Save Us All   Chicks on Speed   digipak    $6.00    2000   best B-52 cover ever
Chug   Kisser EP   Flying Nun       $10.00    1993   solid NZ noise pop
Comedian Harmonists   The Comedian Harmonists Story 1927-1933   Double Gold   2CD    $16.00    1999   Portuguese import
Comets on Fire   Field Recordings from the Sun   Ba Da Bing!   cut corner insert    $6.00       
Crawlspace   Sphereality   Sympathy for the Record Industry       $8.00    1992   "2nd album, pre-Majora,  incl epic 33 minute jam"
Cul de Sac   I Don't Want To Go To Bed   Nuf Sed       $7.00    1995   
Cynthia Dall   untitled   Drag City   full artwork promo copy with threat on CD    $7.00    1996   
Dissolve   That That Is… Is (Not)   Kranky       $6.00    1994   Roy Montgomery band
Division of Laura Lee   Black City   Burning Heart   digipak    $5.00    2002   on a Sisters of Mercy tip (says Ms. Janitor)
Dom   Edge of Time   Witch & Warlock       $7.00    1995   reissue 1972
Dopo Yume   True Romance      digipak    free       
Doves   Lost Souls   Astralwerks       $6.00    2000   
Dowser   Telecoma   Creativeman Disc   promo sticker on insert    $8.00    1997   Seiichi Yamamoto guest appearance
"Drones, The"   Expectations - Tapes from the Attic 75-82   Overground       $15.00    1997   
Electric Blood   Electric Easter   Beehive Rebellion       $9.00    1994   "1984 pre-Bats Robert Scott, #71/2000"
Erkin Koray   Copculer / Ceylan (Dunden Esintiler - 2)   Kalite Ticaret Plak Ve Kasetcilik       $7.00       "comp of some mid-late 70s recordings, I'm guessing"
Escapade   But Distractions Abound   Submergence   still sealed    $4.00    2006   
Escapade   Due to a Faulty Premonition   Mother West       $4.00    1999   
Escapade   Remembrance of Things Unknown   Mother West       $4.00    2000   
Escapade   Rule #3   Submergence   sealed    $4.00    2002   
F/i   Out of Space & Out of Time   RRR   "original CD, not the CD-R"    $12.00       "great overview, includes previously unreleased tracks"
"Fall, The"   Levitate   Artful       $8.00    1997   
Faust   Ravvivando Remix   Klangbad       $6.00    2001   maxi CD feat motorik remixes from Dave Ball (Soft Cell)
"Feminine Complex, The"   Livin' Love   Teenbeat       $8.00    1996   1969 album plus bonus tracks
Fille Qui Mousse   Trixie Stapleton 291…   Mellow       $6.00       reissue of a 1972 Faustesque classic
Four Freshmen   Voices in Love / Love Lost   Collector's Choice       $7.00    1998   "classic album, cited by Brian Wilson as a huge influence"
Gilberto Gil / Caetano Veloso/ Gal Costa / Maria Bethania   Doces Barbaros   Philips Brazil   2CD    SOLD    1989   Reissue of the legendary 1976 reunion
Giuseppe Ielasi   Gesine   Hapna   "punchout sleeve, price sticker on outer plastic"    $6.00       
Go Hirano   Reflection of Dreams          $10.00       
"Godz, The"   Contact High With the Godz   ESP/ZYX       $10       Reissue of the 1966 classic
Gong   Bataclan '73   Mantra       $22.00    1990   "reissue of a classic live stormer, signed by Gilli Smyth"
Gong   Camembert Electrique   Charly       $7.00    1990   reissue of a BYG album
Group 1850   Polyandri   Twilight Tone       $7.00       reissue of a 1974 album
Guru Guru   s/t   Repertoire       $10.00    1997   reissue of a 1973 which was Guru Guru's last great stand c.f. Der Elektrolurch
Hahn Yeong-Ae   ?   SRB       $8.00       Korean singer-songwriter type from the late 70s/early 80s (I think)
Harvester   Hemat   """Decibel"""       $7.00       
Heldon II   Allez Teia   Cuneiform       $7.00    1992   reissue of the band known to some as the French Cluster
His Name Is Alive   Last Night   4AD   foldout digipak    $5.00    2002   
Holger Czukay   Movies   Mute / Spoon       $8.00    1998   "1st CD release  Feat the immortal disco tune ""Cool in the Pool"""
Holy Modal Rounders   Indian War Whoop   ESP/ZYX       $7.00       
Iva Bittova / Pavel Fajt   Svatba   Review       $6.00    1991   
Jandek   Glad to Get Away   Corwood   inserts very slightly warped due to humidity    $2.00    1994   0762 - 1994
Jandek   Graven Image   Corwood       $4.00    1994   0761- 1994 (1st Jandek CD)
Jandek   I Woke Up   Corwood       $4.00    1997   0764 - 1997
Jandek   New Town   Corwood       $4.00    1998   0765 - 1998
Jandek   Put My Dream on This Planet   Corwood       $4.00    2000   0767
Jessamine   s/t   Kranky       $7.00       
Joe Meek   Presents 304 Holloway Road   Sequel       $8.00    1996   
Joe Meek   The Triumph Sessions: Work in Progress   RPM       $9.00    1994   
John Wolfington   s/t   Smells Like       $5.00       
Jojo Hiroshige and Yoshiko Sai   Crimson Voyage   Alchemy   still sealed    $35.00    2002   The grand dame is coaxed out of retirement to sing woozy abstractions with Hijokaiden's Jojo Hiroshige.  Still in original store sealed package
Jokers   s/t   PSF       $10.00       feat. Hiroshi Nar
Joy Division   Permanent   Qwest       $4.00    1995   remastered comp plus new Love Will Tear Us Apart remix
Juan de la Cruz Band   Up in Arms   Shadoks       $8.00       your favorite Pinoys in action - includes28 minutes of bonus smoking live action
Jun Togawa   20th   God Ocean   lp style gatefold    $12.00    2000   "tribute to 20th century, from Patti Smith to Brigitte Fontaine"
Kaleidoscope (US)   Egyptian Candy   Epic / Legacy       $6.00    1991   retrospective
Kan Mikami   Shichigatsu no Eiketsu   PSF       $12.00    1994   
Kazuki Tomokawa   Fault of Flowers   PSF       $12.00    1993   PSFD-29
Kazuki Tomokawa   Hitori Bon-Odoli   PSF       $12.00       PSFD-59
Kazuki Tomokawa   Live Manda-la Special   PSF       $12.00    1993   PSFD-36
Kazuki Tomokawa   Muzan No Bi   PSF       $12.00    1993   reissue of a 1985 album
Kazuki Tomokawa   Shibuya Apia Document   PSF       $12.00    1995   PSFD-65
Kiln   Halo   Thalassa       $7.00    1998   ambient electronic/shoegaze hybrid not unlike Seefeel
L7   s/t   Epitaph   "scratches on disc, play unaffected"    $7.00    1991   
"Langley Schools Music Project, The"   Innocence & Despair   Bar None   slight water damage to booklet corner    $6.00       
Lard Free   III   Spalax       $8.00    1993   reissue of a 1977 album
Lassie Foundation   Pacifico   Grand Theft Autumn       $6.00    2000   
Lee Hazlewood   "Farmisht, Flatulence, Origami, ARF!!! And Me…"   Smells Like       $5.00    1999   
"Litter, The"   Distortions   K-Tel       $6.00    1990   reissue - 1968
Loudest Whisper   The Children of Lir   Kissing Spell       $12.00    1994   "original reissue of a 1973 album w/3 bonus tracks, dust off the elf boots and summon Pan a'ight?"
Lyd   Thorns   no label       $5.00       
M. Ward   Transistor Radio   Merge   digipak    $6.00    2005   
Mady Gula Blue Heaven   0   Gyuune       $15.00    1997   feat Cotton Casino; their 2nd
Magic Carpet   s/t   Magic Carpet       $8.00       "reissue of a 1971 album plus mega bonus track ""Raga"".  First legit band reissue, first pressing"
Mark Lanegan Band   Bubblegum   Beggars Banquet       $6.00    2004   "ex Screaming Trees, you can hear every ounce of whiskey in his voice"
Mars   Mars Live   Disques du Soleil       $12.00    1995   exclusive live recordings from 77-78
MCH Band   Gib Acht!!!   Monitor       $8.00    1993   underground Czech RIO-ites as per Mutant Sounds
Medicine   Shot Forth Self Living   Def American   "schmutz on CD, plays fine"    $5.00    1992   
"Mike Gunn, The"   Almaron   Double Naught       $18    1993   Classic Texas underground hard psych feat Tom Carter (pre-Charalambides)
Misunderstood   The Legendary Goldstar Album (plus Golden Glass)   Cherry Red   2CD    $20.00    1997   reissue of a 1965 psychedelic album (prod by John Peel) + a later (1969) blues incarnation reformed with Glen Campbell
Mogwai   Government Commissions   Matador   punchout insert    $6.00    2005   BBC Sessions 96-03
Mogwai   Kicking a Dead Pig   Jetset       $8.00    1998   2CD of remixes incl Mu-qiz and an insane 16 minute MBV/Kevin Shields remix
Mong Hang   s/t   Bad News       $15.00    1999   
Mummies of the Insane   s/t   Slutfish       $5.00    2005   
Musica Transonic   Introducing…   PSF       $11.00    1995   "aka first s/t album, PSF 061"
Musica Transonic   Orthodox Jazz   PSF       $11.00       aka The World of… PSF 091
Musica Transonic   Swing Strong Mod   PSF       $11.00       
"Mutantes, Os"   E Seus Cometas No Pais Do Baurets   Polydor Brazil       $9.00       reissue - 1972
MX-80   Big Hits / Hard Attack   Atavistic       $18.00    1995   "incl bonus track ""Sad Girls"""
Nagisa Ni Te   Feel   Jagjaguwar       $8.00       
New York Dolls   Lipstick Killers   ROIR       $8.00       1972 demoes; earlier edition
Nirvana   With the Lights Out   DGC   3 CD + 1 DVD in bookbound package    $20.00    2004   mostly previously unreleased pre-breakout stuff
Ohm   Live at the Crown   Last Visible Dog   CD-R    $10.00       Kiwi noise rock
Omoide Hatoba   Dai Ongaku   Alchemy       $12.00    1990   first album from this Seiichi Yamamoto (the John Cale of the Boredoms) side project
OOIOO   Feather Float   Birdman       $7.00    2001   Yoshimi (Boredoms) takes on Rough Trade pop with her own rhythmic twist
Other Half   Mr. Pharmacist   EVA       $12.00    1992   67/68 pre-Blue Cheer Randy Holden
Pacific Ocean   Birds Don't Think They're Flying   Enchante       $6.00    1997   Ed Balayut and Connie Lovatt
Perry Leopold   Experiment in Metaphysics   Gear Fab       $10.00    1998   with bonus tracks
Phil Ochs   A Toast to Those Who Are Gone   Rhino       $7.00    1989   
Plastic Crimewave   Crescent Forms a Horned Mountain EP   s/r   CD-R in paper sleeve    $5.00       
Plastic Ono Band   Live Peace in Toronto 1969   EMI UK       $9.00    1995   heavy blues rock guitar courtesy of Eric Clapton
Pluramon   Render Bandits   Mille Plateaux   price sticker on digipak    $8.00       Marcus Schmickler does Krautrock with Jaki Liebezeit on traps
Port Cuss   Hoo Hoo Hoo   Yona Beat   CD-R    $7.00       feat. Hiroshi Nar - first release
Quickspace   s/t   Slash   promo stamp    $8.00    1996   
Quickspace   The Death of Quickspace   Matador   promo punch    $6.00    2000   
Radian   s/t EP   Rhiz   digipak    SOLD    1998   early release with Rehberg & Bauer remix
Radiopuhelimet   "Pian, Pian"   Spirit       $12.00    1991   Finnish new wave weirdness from proto Bad Vugum-ites
Randy Holden   Early Works '64-'66   Captain Trip       $7.00    1997   comp of early garageness from the Fender IV and Sons of Adam
Randy Holden   Population II   """Hobbit"""       $5.00       """mastered"" from vinyl"
Red House Painters   I Am a Rock / New Jersey   4AD   promo in vellum sleeve    $4.00    1993   
Red House Painters   s/t (Rollercoaster)   4AD       $6.00    1993   
Red Krayola   Deliverance   Leiterwagen / Drag City       $25.00    1996   authorized odds and sods compilation 1969-96 as compiled by Albert Oehlen; all tracks previously unreleased and likely still exclusive to this release.
Reeks and the Wrecks   Knife Hits   tUMULT       $6.00       obscure NZ weirdness reminiscent of TFUL 282
Rev. 99   Everything Changed After 7-11   Pax       $5.00    2002   "feat Donald Miller, Chris Forsyth, Ernesto Diaz-Infante"
Rinocerose   Music Kills Me   V2       $5.00    2002   Dance pop
Rollerskate Skinny   Shoulder Voices   Beggars Banquet       $5.00    1993   Jimi Shields (brother of Kevin)
Rollerskate Skinny   Threshold EP   Placebo       $3.00       Jimi Shields (brother of Kevin)
Rovo   Flage   Warner Indies Japan       $14.00    2002   
Sachiko Kanenobu   Misora   Chapter       $10.00    2006   re of a classic 1972 URC album
Samurai   s/t   Naked Line / Universal Japan       $12.00    2007?   reissue of a 1970 album
Sand   Vol. Two - Five Grains   Creation       $7.00    1992   Ed Ball does ambience
Sarah Cracknell   Kelly's Locker   Instinct       $5.00    2000   from St Etienne
Seachange   Lay of the Land   Matador   promo    $5.00    2004   
Seam   Headsparks   Homestead       $6.00    1991   
Sebastien Tellier   L'Incroyable Verite   Astralwerks       $8.00    2001   Air protégé
Shabotinski   Stenimals   Plag Dich Nicht       $8.00    1997   "1996 Christof Kurzmann rockness feat. Werner Dafeldecker, Uli Fussenegger, Eugene Chadbourne and Burkhard Stangl in semi-shoegaze mode"
Sigur Ros   Von   Smekkleysa SM/EHF   original Icelandic issue    $8.00    1997   first album
Soft Machine   Third   Columbia       $6.00       
Spaceheads   Round the Outside  - Live in the USA   These       $7.00    1996   
Spirit   s/t   Epic / Legacy       $15.00    1996   oop 1996 edition with 4 bonus tracks and Super Bit Mapping mastering
"Stars, The"   Set Yourself on Fire   Arts & Craft       $6.00    2004   from Canada
Stereolab   Dots and Loops   Elektra       $6.00    1997   
Stereolab   Mars Audiac Quintet   Elektra   Signed copy with promo stamp         
Stereolab   Transient Random…   Elektra   punchout insert    $6.00    1993   
Suckdog   Drugs Are Nice   Psycho Acoustic       $7.00       Lisa Carver during her acting-out phase (understatement of the century)
Sun City Girls   Cameo Demons and Their Manifestations   Abduction       $18.00    2000   
Supreme Dicks   Working Man's Dick   Freek   officially discarded radio copy (defaced and stamped)    8    1994   officially discarded radio copy (cover art defaced and stamped)
Tangerine Dream   Atem   Relativity   slight water damage to underlay    $5.00       1973 reissue
Tape   Milieu   Hapna   cardboard sleeve    $6.00    2003   original issue
"Taste of Ra, A"   s/t   Hapna   cardboard sleeve punched out    $6.00    2005   
Teenage Filmstars   Bring Back the Cartel   Creation       $8.00    1999   
Teenage Filmstars   Star   Creation   original issue    $12.00    1992   
Third Troll   s/t   no label       offers    2001   
"Times, The"   Alternative Commercial Crossover   Creation       $8.00    1993   "another piece of the Ed Ball puzzle (Teenage Filmstars) - yes, he can do anthem rock pretty well"
"Times, The"   At the Astrodome Lunaville   Creation   "scuff mark on disc, doesn't seem to affect play"    $8.00    1992   another piece of the Ed Ball puzzle (Teenage Filmstars)
Todd Mark Rubenstein String Quartet   The String Quartet Tribute to No Doubt   Vitamin       free    2003   
Toshiaki Ishizuka   In the Night   PSF       $8.00    1999   
Total   Sky Blue Void   Freek       $7.00    1994   
Totsuzen Danball   Sound Deterrent Force (Google translation)   Tokuma       $12.00    1991   
Totsuzen Danball   Super   Tokuma       $12.00    1995   
Trembling Strain   Bottom of Empty   Belle Antique       $20.00    1996   awesome medieval psych from Pneuma
United States of America   s/t   Demon       SOLD    1997   
Various Artists   Curtis W Pitts: Sub Pop Employee of the Month   Sub Pop       $4.00    1993   feat the legendary Sebadoh live intro
Various Artists   Essential Field Day Sampler   MTV       free       "excl Polyphonic Spree remix, otherwise feat many an alt band circa 2004"
Various Artists   "Indie Top 20, Issue 13"   Beechwood   writing on CD    $2.00    1991   "all the big bands of the time - Slowdive, Stone Roses, Chapterhouse, Moose, Spiritualized - 20 songs in total"
Various Artists   Just Say Roe (Just Say Yes vol VII)   Sire       $3.00    1994   with previously unreleased Ride track
Various Artists   "Love, Peace & Poetry - Japanese Psychedelic Music"   QDK       $7.00    2001   excellent intro
Various Artists   Product Music   Honest Abe       $30.00   1996   
Various Artists   RockNacional - Colecction de Oro   Aiwa       $5.00       compilation of Argentinian psych put together by Los Gatos
Various Artists   Soluble Fish   Homestead   punchout inlay    $8.00    1993   indie rock comp with otherwise unreleased Sun City Girls track
Various Artists   The Girl Group Sound Vol Seven   Sha-Boom       $6.00    1998   
Various Artists   The Wire Tapper 09   Wire   2CD    $4.00    2002   "with excl tracks from Supersilent, Polwechsel/Fennesz, Sun, etc"
Various Artists   Tryptaphonic Mind Explosion   Mandragora       $8.00    2002   "comp feat Mandog, Acid Mothers Temple, Reynols, Primordial Undermind and Circle"
Various Artists   Wakefield Vol 1 1992-94   Teenbeat       $8.00    1995   "Label comp, get on the forefront of the Blast Off / Tuscadero revival or be late"
Various Artists   "Wild Summer, Wow!"   Creation       $7.00    1990   comp of early Creation singles
Venom P Stinger   Waiting Room   Au Go Go   "CD5 in cardboard sleeve, glue coming undone a little"    $5.00    1991   
Versus   Deep Red   Teenbeat   EP in digipak    $2.00    1996   
Vomit Launch   Dog-Eared   Teenbeat       $6.00    1992   
Will Oldham   Ode Music   Drag City       $6.00    1999   instrumentals
Windopane   See?   Or   insert warped from water damage    $5.00    1994   enjoyable boogie psych led by Beki Brindle (now Mrs. Ralph Scala - Blues Magoos)
Would-Be-Goods   Brief Lives   Matinee / Fortuna Pop!   digipak    $7.00       ex - el records
Ya Ho Wha 13   I'm Gonna Take You Home   """Higher Key"""       $8.00       
Yoko Ono   Approximately Infinite Universe   Rykodisc   2CD    $12.00    1997   
Yura Yura Teikoku   NA.MA.SHI.BI.RE.NA.MA.ME.MA.I   Midi       $6.00    2003   
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DANCE / HIP-HOP / ELECTRONIC                     
4mod3   A Translation of Simplicity   Phthalo   "CD-R; 181 of 250, 1st edition"    $15.00    2000   aka Joshua Kit Clayton   
Air   "10,000 Hz Legend"   Astralwerks       $6.00    2001      
Air   Everybody Hertz   Astralwerks       $3.00    2002      
Aphelion   Zugzwang   Defocus       $8.00    2000   "nice melodic electro a la Black Dog, first album"   
Aphex Twin   Words & Music   Sire       $35.00    1994      
B. Fleischmann   Pop Loops for Breakfast   Charhizma       $10.00       released in association with Morr   
Bionaut   Frugivore   Digitrax       $10.00    1993   early release   
Biosphere   Microgravity   Apollo / R&S   "light scratches, plays fine"    $28.00       "first album, ambient techno"   
Blackalicious   Deception e.p.   Mo Wax   CD5; cardboard sleeve    $3.00       with remixes from El-P and Kut Masta Kurt   
Blutsiphon   Tammus   Gefriem   digipak    $6.00          
Boards of Canada   Geogaddi   Warp       $7.00    2002      
Boards of Canada   The Campfire Headphase   Warp   foldout digipak sleeve    $7.00    2005      
Bola   Soup   Skam   cardboard sleeve    $10.00       original pressing   
Born Jamericans   Yardcore   Delicious Vinyl   sawmark on side    $6.00    1997   
Bund Deutscher Programmierer   Stoffwechsel   Rather Interesting       $12.00       aka Atom Heart
Carl Craig   More Songs About Food and Revolutionary Art   Planet E       $15.00       
Caustic Window   Compilation   Rephlex       $9.00    1998   Aphex Twin does hard acid
Cex   Cells   Underscore   CD-R in stamped matchbook-style chipboard sleeve    $35    1998   1st ever release!  Self-released edition of 220; original issue (not a factory pressed CD)
Chessie   Signal Series   Dropbeat       $6.00       for fans of early Hrvatski / RKK
Child's View   Funfair   Bubble Core       $6.00       Nobukazu Takemura
Clouddead   s/t   Mush       $6.00       
COH   Mask of Birth   Mego   drilled corner    $9.00       
David Banner   Mississippi: The Screwed & Chopped Album   Universal   Jacked-up water damaged cover    free    2003   
David Holmes   Bow Down to the Exit Sign   1500       $6.00    2000   
David Holmes   My Mate Paul   Go Beat!   CD5 in digipak    $3.00    1996   with Major Force remix
Dem Franchize Boyz   On Top of Our Game   Virgin   promo copy    $5.00    2006   
Disjecta   Clean Pit and Lid   Warp       $9.00    1996   hard IDM from Mark Clifford (ex Seefeel)
Dizzee Rascal   Showtime   XL   promo artwork    $1.00    2004   
DJ Assault   Off the Chain for the Y2K   Intuit:Solar       $5.00    2000   mix CD feat all the hits
DJ Cam   Loa Project (Volume II)   Six Degrees   cardboard sleeve promo    free    2000   
DJ Cam   Substances   Columbia       $7.00    1996   
DJ Cam   The Beat Assassinated   Sony       $7.00       
DJ Krush   Kakusei   Red Ink       $8.00    1999   
DJ Spooky   Riddim Warfare   Outpost       $5.00    1993   
Eight Frozen Modules   The Confused Designer   Trance Syndicate       $7.00       
Ester Brinkmann   Weisse Nachte   Suppose   digipak    $30.00    1999   Thomas Brinkmann in disguise
Felix Kubin   Filmmusik   A-Musik       $12.00       
Freeform   Elastic Speakers   Worm Interface       $15.00    1995   elusive debut
Funkstorung   Additional Productions   K7       $7.00       "comp of remixes for Bjork, Wu-Tang, East Flatbush Project, Various Artists, DJ Craze etc"
Fuse   Train-Tracs   Wax Trax / Plus-8       $6.00    1993   aka Richie Hawtin
Global Communication   The Way / The Deep   Dedicated   CD5    $13.00    1996   on the house tip
Go:gol   Gorymaaz   A-Musik   digipak    $6.00    2005   
Hab   Mapod   Dot       $8.00    1997   
Hawd Gankstuh Rappuhs MC's wid Ghatz   2 Hype 2 Wype   Wordsound       $6.00    2001   
Jacob Mandell   Healing   Kodama   CD-R #29 of 100    $18.00    1999   "Jake Mandell takes on pure ambience; original issue (not a factory pressed CD), #29 of 100"
Jamie Lidell   Muddlin Gear   Warp       $8.00       
Jedi Knights   New School Science   Evolution       $12.00    1996   
Juelz Santana   Final Destination   Diplomats   incl bonus Purple City mix CD; orig release    $9.00       
Ken Ishii   Jelly Tones   R&S       $7.00    1995   
Ken Ishii   X-Mix - Fast Forward and Rewind   K7       $5.00    1997   mix CD
King Tubby & Soul Syndicate   Freedom Sounds in Dub   Blood and Fire       $9.00    1996   tracks from 76-79
"King Tubby, The Observer All-Stars & the Aggrovators"   King Tubby's Special 1973-1976   Trojan   2CD    $15.00    1991   
Kosmik Kommando   The First Machine Codes Compilation 1993-1997   Rephlex       $12.00    1997   
Ko-Wreck Technique   Ko-Wrecktion ep   Chocolate Industries       $3.00    1999   "DJ Craze + Push Button Objects, feat remix by Plaid"
Laurent Pernice   Sept Autres Creatures   Odd Size       $4.00       
Lauryn Hill   The Miseducation…   Ruffhouse / Columbia       $4.00    1998   "with bonus version of ""Can't Take My Eyes Off of You"" as performed by Vincent Chase"
"Lee ""Scratch"" Perry"   Open the Gate   Trojan   2CD    SOLD    1989   
Lil' Jon & the East Side Boyz   Certified Crunk   Ichiban       $5.00    2003   
Lithops   Uni Umit   Moikai       $6.00       
Mannequin Lung   The Art of Travel   Plug Research       $6.00    1998   
Max Brand / Various   In Memoriam - Max Brand   Rhiz   2CD    $10.00       "1 CD of Max Brand, 1 CD of remixes from Mego fam"
Mice Parade   The True Meaning of Boodleybaye   Bubble Core       $5.00       
Money Mark   Push the Button   Mo Wax / A&M   "light scuffs, plays fine"    $6.00    1998   
Morgenstern   Carolea   Forte       $7.00    2003   posthumous album
Morwell Unlimited Meet King Tubby's   Dub Me   Blood and Fire   "light marks on CD, plays fine"    $7.00    1997   1975 mixes
Mouse on Mars   Autoditacker   Thrill Jockey       $7.00       
Mouse on Mars   Idiology   Thrill Jockey   peekaboo cover    $7.00    2001   
MRI   Rhythmogenesis   Force Tracks       $28.00       
Mu-ziq   Bluff Limbo   Rephlex       $10.00    1994   first edition
Nearly God   s/t   Island       $6.00    1996   essential early Tricky album
Ned's Atomic Dustbin   The Black Dog and Beaumont Hannant Remixes   Sony UK   CD5    $4.00    1995   
Neil Landstrumm   Bedrooms and Cities   Tresor       $4.00    1997   
O.S.T.   Fashion for Passion   ()Dial       $7.00       
Ogurusu Norihide   "Humour (""Study"" and ""I"")"   Carpark   punched hole inlay    $6.00    2002   
Orbital   Diversions   ffrr   punched hole inlay    $5.00    1994   
Orbital   Snivilisation   ffrr       $5.00    1994   
Otto von Schirach   8000 BC   Schematic   punchout inlay    $6.00       
Outkast   Stankonia   Arista       $3.00    2000   
Peace Orchestra   s/t   G-Stone   with band-aid on cover    $9.00    1999   1/2 of Kruder & Dorfmeister
Plaid   Rest Proof Clockwork   Nothing / Warp       $6.00    1999   
Pol   Transomuba   Odd Size   foldout digipak sleeve; sticker on front    $6.00       "C-Schulz, Marcus Schmickler and Christoph Kahse"
Red Snapper   Our Aim Is To Satisfy…   Matador / Warp   punched hole inlay    $5.00    2000   
Richard Devine   Lipswitch   Schematic       $6.00    2000   
Richie Hawtin   "Decks, EFX & 909"   Mute       $6.00    1999   
Royksopp   Poor Leno   Wall of Sound   CD5    $3.00       
Sack & Blumm   s/t   Tom   foldout digipak sleeve    $8.00    1999   
Scala   Compass Heart   Touch       $12.00    1998   ex-Seefeel in a Portishead / Tricky style
Scanner   Mass Observation   Ash Int'l       $13.00    1994   
Seefeel   Quique   Astralwerks       $5.00    1993   original edition
Shirt Trax   Good News About Space   Or       $8.00    1999   
Sizzla   Taking Over   VP       $6.00    2001   
Sluts 'n' Strings & 909   Carrera   Cheap       $8.00    1997   great sleazy electro
Speedranch and Jansky Noise   Welcome to Execrate   Bay       $5.00       "comp feat. Tehm ,Hrvatski, Stock Hausen and Walkman, Mix Master Mike etc."
Spring Heel Jack   Suspensions EP   Trade 2       $4.00    1996   with remixes by Omni Trio and Hyper on Experience
Squarepusher   Budakhan Microphone (mini-album)   Warp       $4.00    1999   
Squarepusher   Go Plastic   Warp       $8.00    2001   
Steven Schultz   I Forgot to Get a Rap Name!   Scientology   CD-R with bonus sampler CD    $4.00    2000   
Sugar Minott   Ghetto Pickney Style   Burning Bush       $5.00    2002   
Sybarite   Musicforafilm   Temporary Residence       $7.00    1999   
Sybarite   Nonument   4AD       $6.00    2002   
Syncopated Elevators Legacy   Apostasy EP   Elf Cut   digipak    $4.00       
Terrahertz   First Smoke   Underscore   CD-R in stamped chipboard sleeve    $18.00    1998   early US DIY IDM on Cex's label; original issue (not a factory pressed CD)
T-Power   The Self Evident Truth of an Intuitive Mind   SOUR       $8.00    1995   
TTC   Ceci n'Est Pas un Disque   Big Dada       $6.00    2002   French hip-hop not unlike Clouddead (guest app by Dose One)
Twista   The Day After   Atlantic       $5.00    2005   
Two Lone Swordsmen   Swimming Not Skimming   Emissions Audio       $20.00    1996   obscure and great
Valence   Ohm   Pitchcadet   CD-R; 1st (jewel case) edition    $6.00    1998   IDM
Various Artists   Anokha:Talvin Singh Presents: Soundz of the Asian Underground   Quango       $8.00    1997   comp of desi drum n bass
Various Artists   Beta Bodega Coalition - Psychological Operations in Guerrila Warfare   Rice and Beans   "fingerprint-like markings on CD, plays fine; paper sleeve"    $15.00    2000   crunchy IDM hop
Various Artists   Brassic Beats   Moonshine   punchout inlay    $6.00    1996   Skint label comp
Various Artists   Brooklyn Keeps on Takin' It   Record Camp       $5.00    2003   US IDM comp
Various Artists   Clear presents Twisted Love Songs   P-Vine   no obi    $25.00    1998   "Clear label comp, feat Gescom, Plaid and the usual electro suspects"
Various Artists   Dancehall Nice Again 2005   Sequence       $6.00    2005   Power 96 dancehall and reggaeton mix
Various Artists   Deep Concentration   OM   CD + CD-ROM    $8.00    1997   "turntablist comp with Cut Chemist's tribute to Double Dee and Steinski + Prince Paul, X-Men, etc"
Various Artists   Disco Moonlight   Worm Interface   cardboard sleeve worn + sticker residue; glue loose on one edge of sleeve    $5.00    1997   early Worm Interface comp
Various Artists   Earthrise Ninja 2   Ninja Tune / Shadow   2CD    $10.00    1996   nice comp of acid jazz / trip hop / overall breaks abuse
Various Artists   In Order to Dance 6 - Session One - Drum n Bass   R&S   2CD    $9.00    1996   "with Lemon D, Locust, Model 500 etc"
Various Artists   Koln Kompakt 1   Kompakt       $8.00    1998   1st ever Kompakt CD comp!
Various Artists   Lens Cleaner   Sabotage       $8.00    1995   "with Potuznik, Pomassl et al"
Various Artists   "Mush Records Sampler, Vol 3"   Mush       free       
Various Artists   Nice Up the Dance   Heartbeat       $7.00    2001   "extended 12"" mixes"
Various Artists   Plug Research & Development   Plug Research       $7.00    1997   US DIY IDM
Various Artists   Putting the Morr Back in Morrissey   Morr   2CD digipak    $9.00    2000   label comp
Various Artists   Sub Rosa vs Kompakt   Sub Rosa   drilled corner; 1st pressing    $7.00    1999   "feat Autechre, Dettinger, Scanner, Freeform, To Rococo Rot, etc"
Various Artists   The Biggest Ragga Dancehall Anthems 2004   Greensleeves   2CD with slipcover    $7.00    2004   as advertised
Various Artists   The Knights Who Say Dot   Dot       $7.00       IDM label comp feat Hab
Various Artists   Trojan Dancehall Box Set   Trojan   3CD in cardboard case    $12.00    2000   comp of pre-digital tracks
Various Artists   Wayz of the Dragon   Double Dragon   cardboard sleeve    $5.00    1998   jungle comp
Venetian Snares   Shiver in Eternal Darkness   Isolate       $18.00    2000   
X-101   s/t   Tresor       $37.00   1991   licensed from Underground Resistance
Ying Yang Twins   United State of Atlanta   TVT       $4.00    2005   
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