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Author Topic: Ebay LPS: 練金術 (Renkinjutsu), High Rise II on PSF and Charalambides  (Read 1734 times)


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練金術 (Renkinjutsu) 1984 Alchemy release w/ Sakevi, The Hanatarashi (apparently there was more than one back then, and this was The Hanatarashi), Null (sans initials), High-Rise (with a hyphen) and 非常階段 (Hijokaidan) with John Duncan.  Item no: 220274583879

High Rise II LP (PSF-2, 1987).  Say no more.  Item no: 220274581383

Charalambides Historic 6th Ward double LP (Time Lag, 2002?).  Edition of 500.  Gorgeous hand-detailed jacket.  Item no: 220274580353

All excellent condtion.  All no reserve, no minimum bid.  Auctions end September 4.  Make me happy, people.