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la musica discography
« on: June 13, 2008, 07:37:29 AM »
hi all,

has anyone seen anything approaching a discography of la musica releases?  the discogs.com page has about 15 releases on it, which is pretty sad... i've been able to identify maybe 40?  out of what, like 200?  does someone have a fat list they're keeping somewhere?

just wondering.  have been really into some la musica cassette rips i've found recently and want MORE.


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Re: la musica discography
« Reply #1 on: June 14, 2008, 03:12:36 AM »
I saved one page of the old La Musica website where some sort of discography was listed. 135 titles and twenty-something videos. I could dig that up for you. I'm not sure if you're able to track down the old La Musica page on http://www.archive.org or not. I guess there was always a question of what in the La Musica catalogue was actually available.


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Re: la musica discography
« Reply #2 on: June 16, 2008, 05:24:33 PM »
Here's the catalogue I translated for Nanjo at the time - split into several parts. My memory is that the cassette titles from 137 onwards were announced but never actually 'released' (though this might mean in the context of a label that was mail-order only, apart from the few titles that Modern Music carried, is anyone's guess). If anyone actually has a physical copies of any of the later ones, I'd be interested to know...
The Daiyon Kobo stuff is particularly interesting from my point of view.

The address for La Musica is no longer current. Nanjo is still around but in deep hibernation mode.

Cassette tapes         $15 (US), £8 (UK),  22 DM (Ger) per tape

001.   BUZOKU  /  Buzoku The Tribes
   The Japanese beatnik / hippy commune known as “Buzoku” was founded in the 50s and 60s, and they still carry on a communal existence deep in the Nagano mountains. This work grew out of collaborations with this beatnik commune. Meditation music with strong religious undertones.

   A group that deconstructs and liberates the chance nature of contemporary classical and noise music to such an extent that their boundaries blur. Their policy of fucking up musical relationships both acknowledges and ignores tradition, and is totally different from previous strictly organised methods of composition. A work tonally constructed of foreboding musical vibrations.

003.   GROUP MUSICA  /  Shibikyu - Spiritual change leading to alchemical transmission
   Strange group who reconstruct in a rock idiom their fusion of avant-garde symphonic and improvised music. An unprecedented work of avant-garde symphonic rock that takes as its themes alchemy and ancient Chinese divination.

004.   MENZAIFU  /  Poetry of Demons
   Psychedelic group who absorbed the history of the Nagano beatniks. Minimal music that has internalized a mysterious ethnic feel along wih some deep rural blues. A true cult item - beatnik psychedelic music.

005.   MUSICA TRANSONIC  /  Zilch
   Contemporary improvised heavy psychedelic group. The earliest unreleased studio recordings. Recorded prior to the release of the first album, this fuses a heavy psychedelic sound with improvised music - caution invalidated.

006.   MYSTERIOUS ADNI  /  Canfa
   The ultimate avant-garde group who fragment diatonic scale structure and deconstruct / reconstruct harmonic relationships. Both criticism and love of Western European music intermingle in their rejection of traditional structure. Their vibration encompasses an avant-garde pulse that pursues an intuitive universe of sound. A highly strange work that comprehensively ruptures the psychological relationship of contiguous sounds.

007.   GROUP MUSICA  /  Contemporary Kagura-Metaphysics
   An experimental group that aims to fuse in a rock idiom contemporary classical and improvised music. This second album takes kagura (traditional ancient Japanese folk theatre) as its theme and pursues an even more improvisatory style, revealing a symphonic free music side to the group. An avant-garde symphonic work.

008.   TOHO SARA  /  Eastern Most
   A weird unit who attempt to achieve a mystic fusion of ethnic music and rock, according to their own unique methodology. They create a strange musical aura where the vibrations of folk instruments from around the world and electronics merge weirdly. These bizarre recordings embrace musical shamanism on the one hand, and a subversion of Western musical concepts into the abyss of rock on the other.

009.   MABOROSHI NO MUCHI  /  Banbutsu Ruten
   Curious group which like Menzaifu has that unique Nagano Beatnik psychedelic commune vibe. Their psychedelic sound, based on concepts of stasis and motion, creates an utterly one-off sound world. A mysterious and mythical work that possesses an introspective heavy sound.

010.   JOHARI  /  Fusu Gotoku
   Toho Sara evolved out of this group which aimed for an experimental combination of ethnic music and electronics. These recordings phenomenonalize the de / reconstruction of ethnic music with a noise music approach. A legendary group who specialised in the exclusion of any academic elements to their music, the destruction of fixed musical relationships, and the philosophy of anarchy.

011.   MENZAIFU  /  Nehan
   A psychedelic group who absorbed the history of the Nagano beatniks. Compared to their last release this one has an even greater unexplored-region-meditation-trip-psychedelic sound.  Minimal music that explores the aesthetics of repetition in a stoic performance style. A cult item.

012.   NON  /  Composition
   Weird female drummer/percussionist who explores the area between psychedelia and free jazz with a virtually definitive intuitive talent. Using just a drum-kit she lays down a conception of improvised music as noise. Queer solo work constructed from cellular rhythms. Featuring a guest appearance by Asahito Nanjo.

013.   AME NO UZUME NO MIKOTO  /  Same
   Introverted and cool psychedelic session group featuring members of Menzaifu. Strange psychedelic sound fields that use ancient thought and primeveal forms of writing to fuse heavy bass sounds with a blues spirit. In a similar way to Menzaifu they embrace the aesthetics of repetition, but at the same time they possess a tough heaviness that lends this work both a mystical and a rock feel.

014.   MENZAIFU  /  Meimo (Illusion)
   The last stronghold of the Nagano beatniks who unconsciously developed an elaborate counterpoint that acts as a prayer to rock. Differences within the collective are deconstructed in the rock idiom. These recordings pursue the psychedelic sound as a challenging and satirical movement from a unique collective stance. A minimal music that has internalized the positivity that was branded as anti-environmental music and publicly wiped out.

015.   ANCIENT WISDOM  /  Work of Neptis
   An anti-contemporary music experimental group that manages to both blend and reject the neo-classicism of 19th century music and the constructivist model of the spirit of noise music. These recordings utilise a bizarre rock-flavored methodology that pursues in an avant-garde fashion wide-ranging melodies and the possibilities of harmony. Their arrangement of sound into fluid relationships is truly a metaphysics of sound that seeks chance vibrational unity and the psychedelic spirit.

016.   HIGH RISE  /  Tapes
   Complete repressing of a mysterious cassette that was only sold at gigs in ‘86. Features unreleased studio tracks from an ‘85 session for the Alchemy Noise Omnibus “Renkinjutsu”, and live tracks from the first Kansai tour. Only 50 of these were pressed at the time.

017.   NEAN  /  Doo Dah Nean
   Cult Lolita psychedelic group who smile sardonically as they fuck with contemporary classical and free jazz. The world is coming down with all-girl groups, but there are none that can compare with Nean for innocence, ignorance and plain idiocy. Totally bizarre work - exotic rhythms and avant-garde improv collide with flying Lolita vocals. 100% Lolita essence, ultra-acid.

018.   SPLENDOR SOLIS  /  Flip Out
   Dark psychedelic group that specialises in cool, esthetic psych sounds. Illusory sounds of destruction, empty echoes in the darkness of the “naive shadow” of sound and space. In the empty darkness bordering the zone of quietly falling and disappearing silence, a universe of nothingness severed from ultimate insanity and indefinite time seperates itself from external reality.

019.   TOHO SARA  /  Kyoju
   A work that seeks to increase the improvised nature of its regular fusion of ethnic instruments and electronics. Intuitive performances that take “the wondrous mysterious body” and “secret rituals” as their theme are combined with structured sounds to build up different microcosms. Sounds that even capture the energy feedback as the descent of continuous musical soul, and the deconstruction/ acquisition of self-will flow back into each other.

020.   OHKAMI NO JIKAN  /  Israel
   Psychedelic group that explores “stasis” and “motion”, both actively and philosophically. This includes the final take of “Israel”, a track which they have recorded time and time again. The cool acid heavy sound that reaches the level of the sublime was achieved only after exhausting every other musical form during recording. This is the result of a consciousness prepared to sacrifice and destroy everything it holds dear.

021.   MARHOA  /  same
   Weird free jazz rock group that spiritually pursues an idiosyncratic interpretation of the “hell” of Albert Ayler and Sam Taylor as the human in the microcosm. Their speciality is an anti-jazz idiom that transforms all traditionally transmitted technique and reveals them to be “knowledge” and “space”. A legendary group who travel widely and exist on an ultra-underground level.

022.   MUSICA TRANSONIC  /  Works
   Unreleased studio recordings dating from just after the release of their first album by PSF Records. On this recording Musica Transonic display their unique methodology - a pursual of hard rock’s multi-faceted possibilities through heavy psychedelia and very fucked up rhythms, allied with a heavy deconstruction / reconstruction of jazz.

023.   TOHO SARA  /  Kami no miya
   A departure from the norm with members of Group Musica guesting with the Toho Sara regulars. The collaboration between Group Musica, who aim for a mysterious fusion of contemporary classical and improvised music, and Toho Sara is totally unforced and natural, resulting in a new microcosm of sound. The unique melodies of ethnic and Western instruments blend in avant-garde fashion, forming new waves and musical images.

024.   TSURUBAMI  /  Shifuku sennen okoku
   Free psychedelic group that, through the mountain asceticism and the study of ancient Chinese thought, strives for the practical discovery of a universal musical vibration that will elevate the self into the midst of universal consciousness. They take it that the aura of musical vibrations forms the foundation of nerves and cells, and that sounds that directly harmonize with internally occuring actual sound possess various spiritual powers. Phantom studio recordings.

025.   MUSOMA  /  Da Ganda
   Aboriginal-style psychedelic progressive rock group who have internalized primitive magic. A compilation of their ritual music which takes as its themes myths and the dance of the gods. Cult witchcraft group who transform the rituals of folk religion and funereal dances into the magical form of musical vibration, which they then worship.

026.   OHKAMI NO JIKAN  /  Ten no tsumi (Heaven’s crime)
   Unreleased recordings from the time when the name was used to signify a gathering place for disparate musical forms. A mystic work, featuring members of Hadaka no Rallizes and Fushitsusha, that embraces esthetic, mysterious surreal vibrations.

027.   HOLY ANGELS  /  Space Angel
   Space psycedelic group centring around female members. This compilation curiously fuses delicate trip- psychedelic vibes with heavy progressive sounds. Cult female group who base their activities around ideas of the microcosm as a holy space.

028.   CHIMIMORYO  /  Vibration (Kyo)
   Holy musicunit who spiritually pursue the elements of “stasis” in contemporary composition and improvised music. This work grasps the vibration that leads the mysterious arrangement of sounds to holy harmony. Document of an experimental recording session that centred around a priestess.

029.   ENFU NO AWA  /  Evening’s Gate (Yoru no mon)
   Weird group that pursues the truth of musical vibrations, taking as their theme Stephanne Mallarme’s “Un coup de des”. The certainty and chance found in the midst of despair change to inevitability. This musical dialectic is realised with a unique methodology.

030.   OHKAMI NO JIKAN  /  Reikyo
   A compilation of static works that attempt an improvised realisation of medieval secular songs and contemporary composition. Bizarre recording that rejects all heaviness in favour of a delicate approach. They create a transparent world where a fragile interchange between poetry and musical vibrations are especially valued.

031.   LOW WEST  /  Drowned in a Number
   Psychedelic acoustic duo. The unique sound world created by this all-female group overflows with a pure limpid beauty. This strange work hints at madness behind the innocent vocals and cheap recording atmosphere.

   Trip psychedelic group who mix collective conception with anti-collective consciousness. An intriguing work that uses every rock gimmick in the book, creating a magnificent fucked-up collage.

033.   MARHOA  /  Jyoujinne
   An ultimate recording by a group who have dropped out from and dissected the Earth and the universe. Music that trickily arises from the depths that combines an anti-jazz idiom with cool musical vibes. Suffering sounds from Albert Ayler and Sam Taylor’s “Hell”.

034.   TSURUBAMI  /  Tenkyo no to
   An ultimate work of raging silence that stakes out its territory as the compression methods of mountain ascetics and  the discordant creativity principle of ancient Chinese philosophy. Thought music that comprehends the beauty of sacrificial phantasms and the oblivion of failure as they disappear beyond the setting sun. A compilation that unearths their rare studio recordings.

035.   CHIMIMORYO  /  Vibration - the 2nd act
   Second part of the documentation of the mysterious vibrations of legendary priestess rituals. Holy cult that frees the heavenly musical vibration from frozen patterns by kagura-spirit and the laws of heaven. A strange work that discovers the ultimate instant through a spiritual sensibility that bears virtuous martyrdom and sweet nightmares as a calling.

036.   UP TIGHT  /  Same
   Improvisation group who instinctively investigate ascetic practices. Featuring members of Menzaifu and the spiritual advisor to Toho Sara in their early days. Esoteric performance is their usual stock in trade but here they attempt to deconstruct jazz. As a group they pursue the twin meanings of “gyo” - this lends their free jazz a bizarre flavour.

037.   HOLY ANGELS  /  Earth Mode
   Second release for this space psychedelic group, whose sound overflows with a strange sense of speed. Displays a heavier side than the previous release. There has been an expansion of their minimal progressive vibe to produce a dynamism all too rare in all-female groups. A strangely flavored work that brings their heavenly spacey concept to full bloom.

038.   ENFU NO AWA  /  Confession
   A dark group based around the thought of Stephane Mallarme, that pursues in a unique fashion the practice of musical vibrations. Outer-limits music in which contemporary classical concepts are dissected to restore sounds to a level of purity, and principles of chance are returned to the infinite.  The only group to attempt and realize an absolute musical existence.

039.   MAINLINER  /  Troop
   Psychedelic heavy group, aka High Rise II, that reinterprets High Rise’s concept on an even heavier plane. Compilation of special acid takes, comprising an acid cool mix version of the first album and 3 bonus tracks.

040.   MUSICA TRANSONIC  /  Euro Rock Boogaloo
   A work of anti-perception that explains the deconstruction of progressive rock’s enlightened structuralism by psychedelic modulation. An acid-cool hallucinogenic masterpiece that dissects the form of Euro rock, while mixing it with a fragmentary boogaloo motif.

041.   CHIMIMORYO  /  Vibration - the 3rd act
   The final part of a legendary recording session.

042.   OHKAMI NO JIKAN  /  Aria
   Ohkami no Jikan has carried out many experimental recording sessions - this recording is from their most stoic and faithful period. A strange work based around ancient lists of hymns that realises the analysis and investigation of esoteric music mysteries in a psychedelic idiom.

043.   TEN NO OHKAMI  /  Same
   Avant-garde unit formed by Asahito Nanjo in ‘90 to ‘91. Began Angelic from the British Temple of Psychic Youth, weird Georgian performer Drew Wilbur, Z’ev and Keji Haino were among those who collobarated with the group live. Experimental meditation music that aims for a fusion of rock and esoteric religious music using a combination of signal generators, home-made instruments, organ and ethnic instruments.

044.   MUSICA TRANSONIC /  Musica Groove
   A work of dramatic ambition that attempts to digest and Musica Transonic-ize heavy psychedelic, progressive rock, free jazz, ethnic music, and pop. A free stance that forces all imitatve structures into destruction,  reconstruction and evolution, and transforms them into sudden explosions.

045.   ASAHITO NANJO  /  M.
   A compilation of secret projects recorded over a period of twenty years. Deeply personal music that achieves a strange balance between beat folk balladry and off-key mumbling. Suggestive self-celebratory music conceived as a confirmation of existence.

   Meditation trip psychedelic group. Worldly psychedelia that adds floating musical hallucination to a base of Middle Eastern and medieval music. An intriguing and anti-intellectual work that also touches base with outer-limits progressive rock.

047.   VA  /  La Musica Tapes
   A compilation especially designed for the European tour. A collection of demos by Musica Transonic, Mainliner, Toho Sara and Ohkami no Jikan. Featuring studio and live unreleased recordings.

048.   MAKOTO KAWABATA  /  Sarangi solo
   A solo work that further refines the Toho Sara concept, allies it with Kawabata’s unique thought refraction, and liberates the silent transgressions and shimmer of ancient music. Even though this is a solo sarangi performance, the eternal vibration and melody blend with the microverse indicated by ancient Chinese divination.
   World-shaking speed-freak free sound featuring the unique Yamatsuka Eye, one of the few people in the world on the track of a fusion of noise and minimalism. Mutli-track recording of an astounding high tension live performance that will blow off the top of your head.

050.    HIGH RISE  /  J&L Tapes
   The rumoured 16 track studio recordings made at J&L Studios in 1986. Recorded for the second album but never released due to differences of opinion between the band and the studio. (In the end all the tracks were re-recorded at a different studio). Due to the “normal” mix, a completely different side to High Rise is revealed.


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Re: la musica discography
« Reply #3 on: June 16, 2008, 05:25:39 PM »
Discography pt.2

051.   TORI KUDO  /  Atlantic City
   The legendary tapes recorded by Tori Kudo (Maher Shalal Hash Baz etc) on his first trip to New York in 1980- 1981. Due to have been released by Pinakotheca Records at the time, but shelved due to artistic differences, this then disappeared into the vaults. This displays Kudo’s oldest and most basic style - indispensible for an understanding of the roots of Maher.

052.    GUYS AND DOLLS  /  Demo Tape
   Strange, short-lived (3 months) psychedelic group formed by Tori Kudo after his return from New York in 1981. Studio demo tape recorded by the original trio line-up. Out-of-kilter, weirdly spaced ensemble sounds that overflow with the essence of psychedelia. Unreleased studio recordings by a legendary group.

053.   HIGH RISE  /  Psychedelic Noise Beats
   Complete repress of an ultra-rare cassette, released in an edition of 20 in 1984. A monstrous complilation of very early studio demo takes. Over half the tracks are instrumentals. Ultra-exciting freak-out acid outtakes. Complete version, including 3 bonus tracks.

   Super psychedelic session group consisting of Tabata from Leningrad Blues Machine, and the three members of Mainliner. A spiritual cover of the Grateful Dead’s “Dark Star”, reworkings of Leningrad tracks etc. Cool and heavy unreleased studio recordings.

055.   MAINLINER  /  Psychedelic Atmosphere Beatnik
   Last-ditch, extreme heavy sound psychedelic outlaws who have suceeded to High Rise’s legacy as the new psychedelic speed freaks. This time the line-up includes Tatsuya Yoshida on drums to produce an even more powerful, explosive sound that tolerates no argument. Fierce megaton live unreleased multi-track recording.

   The collective delusion shattered, expansion into the strange realms of extreme personal sound, arrival at the transformational space axis of nothingness. Super trip psychedelic sound created out of the extreme gimmick of deconstructed / reconstructed sound fields. Unreleased studio recording.

057.    HIGH RISE  /  Psychedelic Speed Freaks Vol.4
   Compilation of rare studio tracks recorded around the time the band was formed. Selected from recently rediscovered unreleased studio tapes - alternate versions and out-takes - a collector’s item. Unprecedented anarchic early recordings.

058.   OHKAMI NO JIKAN  /  Aria II
   Ohkami no Jikan have been involved in many experimental recording sessions, but this is possibly he most surreal they have ever sounded. Second volume based on lists of ancient hymns. Unreleased studio recordings that reach even higher levels of coolness and stoicism than Volume I.

059.   OHKAMI NO BOHYO  /  Part one
   Mysterious precusor to Ohkami no Jikan. These tapes are a compilation that collects their only surviving studio demo recordings. Essential documentary material to understanding the origins of the Ohkami no Jikan sound. Acid Cool Psychedelia.

060.    OHKAMI NO BOHYO  /  Part two
   Continuation of Part one. Complete version of their only remaining recordings.

061.   TOHO SARA  /  Tamashii no Hoin
   Studio recordings that pursue their unique concept of a fusion of contemporary and ethnic music using a minimalist methodology. Perception enlightened to the level of the cool, rigorous thinking about acoustic phenomenon. Strange avant-garde work.

062.   JYUKO  /  Junko
   Improvised psychedelic group formed by Tosuke Kohata from Maria Kannon, and Asahito Nanjo. A whiplash sound that internalizes a heavy improvised character. Studio demo recordings.

063.   NIPPANIA  NIPPON  /  Seikazoku
   Higher-mind psychedelic group formed by the Nagano beatniks. Totally individual sound that manages to embrace both jazz and ethnic music in its unique style of freedom. This is the true communal beat psychedelia! The greatest accomplishment by this representative Japanese beatnik group. Digital recordings, featuring a guest appearance by Makoto Kawabata.

064.   HIGH RISE  /  Play Gaseneta
   Bizarre ‘84 and ‘85 recordings from a specially formed version of High Rise (at the request of Gaseneta mainman, Harumi Yamazaki). Almost all the recordings have been lost, but we managed to compile this tape from the handful of miraculously surviving studio demos and live tapes. An explosive work that reveals a different heavy approach to Gaseneta. The only surviving recordings!

065.   MUSICA TRANSONIC  /  Introducing!
   Document of the recording session, including out-takes, that gave rise to the first PSF CD. Heavy rock to free jazz - alternate takes, unreleased tracks. Another view of the amazing first album.

   An extreme work that rips apart and rearranges Maria Kannon’s most recent songs. Megaton terrifying emotion item, where Nanjo’s guest spot on bass and as producer turns Maria Kannon into the ultimate acid band. Heavy progressive psychedelic multi-track studio recordings.

   Legendary group, the ur-High Rise, who were active from ‘82 to ‘84. Trip-orientated magnificent minimal heavy psychedelic sound! This tape is their only surviving studio demo recordings. A phantom artifact.

068.   OHKAMI NO JIKAN  /  Black Tape
   Complete reissue of a mysterious cassette that was only sold at gigs in 1992. Their earliest cool and heavy studio demo recordings featuring the original line-up. The original release was limited to 30 copies.

069.   TSURUBAMI  /  Tsukimizu 
   Free psychedelic group which features Makoto Kawabata of Toho Sara fame. An unexpected rediscovery of these lost recordings, which realize a fusion of mountain asceticism and ancient Chinese thought within his own aesthetics of destruction. Studio recordings, replete with the transparent feelings of motion and stasis.

070 - 074.   HIGH RISE  /  Encyclopedia of High Rise  (5 tape set)
      Extensive compilation of 80’s studio material. Includes studio rehearsals, demo tapes recorded for abroad, recording out-takes, studio jam sessions etc - basically everything except live gigs. A complete overview of the band from its debut in ‘84 to its temporary break-up in December ‘89. (The band resumed activites in early ‘91). Five years worth of extreme studio High Rise.

075.   SHOKUBAIYA  /  Daiichi’ya  (First Night)
   Originally a group operating on an ultra-underground level, they became heavily avant-garde once Asahito Nanjo joined them, and eventually mutated into Nijiumu. This group was a real turning point for Nanjo, as he became more and more involved in experimental stuff during High Rise’s temporary dissolution. Weird scales, cool and heavy improvised music with electronics. Multi-track recordings from 1989.

076.   SHOKUBAIYA  /  Daini’ya   (Second Night)
   Avant-garde acoustics by this group whose sound mutated into a massive wall of electronics after Nanjo became a leading member. This is an essential recording as the group later developed into Nijiumu, and its members also played an important role in Nanjo’s later experimental groups such as Johari. Multi-track recordings from 1990.

077.   OHKAMI NO JIKAN  /  Black Tape II
   Unreleased recordings from the the ‘92 Black Tape (cf. 068). Cool acid heavy psychedelic sound takes that weren’t used on the original release. Early studio demos.

078.   MAINLINER  /  Mainliner Sonic
   Compilation of ‘96 recording sessions where the band pursue a heavy psychedelic sound that approaches the heights of grandeur. Heaviness realized to the utmost degree. Ultra-powerful unreleased studio material, recorded at an explosive volume that no others can match.

079.   TSURUBAMI  /  Nubatama
   Free psychedelic group featuring Makoto Kawabata. Their final compilation of unreleased studio recordings.

080.   MERCI  /  Berceuse
   Acid folk duo, consisting of Mineko Itakura (vocals, bass) and Asahito Nanjo (guitar). An unlikely fusion of mysterious and transparent vocals and unique acid sense that permeates throughout, with a natural psychedelic sound. The only unreleased studio demo recordings.

081.   HIGH RISE  /  Dispersion
   Due to various personal and logistical problems the third High Rise album (released in 1992) had to be released before the recording had been totally finished. Now we can present the complete album as we would have originally wished it to appear - vocal overdubs on the instrumental tracks and with a total acid heavy remix. A collector’s item featuring different versions and takes of all the tracks from the CD!

082.   HOLY ANGELS  /  Angel Trip
   Space psycedelic group centring around female members. Their third release to feature that heavenly holy sound. While still pursuing the minimal progressive direction evident on their previous release, here they increase the voltage and add a full psychedelic trip-feel. Also features Asahito Nanjo on sitar. Unreleased studio recordings.

083.   V.A.  /  La Musica Tapes II
   Omnibus compiled for the foreign market. Unreleased studio demo recordings featuring High Rise, Mainliner, Ohkami no Jikan, Up Tight, Musica Transonic.

084.   V.A.  /  La Musica Tapes III
   Omnibus compiled for the foreign market. Unreleased studio demo recordings featuring Leningrad Psychedelic Blues Machine, Tsurubami, Menzaifu, Asahito Nanjo.

085.   MUSICA TRANSONIC  /  Differences
   Intense studio recordings, intended for release on John Zorn’s Tzadik label but eventually shelved for various reasons. A major work that displays to full advantage Musica Transonic’s unique fusion of free jazz with their own progressive / psychedelic sense of groove.

086.   MIND BENDER  /  Speed Cool
   The band that gave birth to Mainliner. Their only remaining recordings, including studio recordings and rehearsal demos. Opens new territory through much use of differential rhythms and time-changes, radical detuning etc. They aimed for a sensitive and cool hard rock, but self-destructed along the way.

087.   OHKAMI NO JIKAN  /  Hymne
   Early studio recordings by the original members. The band had dragged deep on the aesthetics of death and destruction at this time. Unreleased studio session that combines an acid cool sound with a miraculous sense of speed.

088.   OHKAMI NO JIKAN  /  Hymne II
   Second volume of the above. Early studio demos by the original members. Unreleased recordings.

089.   MAINLINER  /  Kamikaze
   Studio material intended for the second album, before CD release plans had to be cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control. Monster power sound that they inherited from High Rise’s universal vision. Seen as the last stand of heavy psychedelia in Europe. Megaton studio recordings.

090.   HIGH RISE  /  Psychedelic Speed Freaks Vol. 2
   Compilation of legendary private recordings from around the time the band was formed. The projected CD release has had to be shelved by various factors beyond our control. (Volume 1 will still appear on CD and LP though!) Collection of unreleased tracks - total anarchy sound.

091.   HIGH RISE  /  Psychedelic Speed Freaks Vol. 3
   Continuation of the above release. Third compilation of privately recorded early works. CD release has also had to be shelved due to various reasons. Collection of unreleased studio demos.

092.   V.A.  /  La Musica Tapes IV
   Omnibus compiled for the foreign market. Unreleased studio demo recordings featuring Ohkami no Jikan, Leningrad Psychedelic Blues Machine, Musica Transonic, Jyuko.

093.   BAROQUE BORDELLO  /  Par sounds   ∑
   Avant-garde group formed by Makoto Kawabata in 1979. An alternative fusion of noise and electronic music using home-made instruments is realized through anarchy and a uniquely creative metaphysics. Phantom studio recording demo tapes from ‘79.

094.   BAROQUE BORDELLO  /  Par sounds  ∏
   Avant-garde group formed by Makoto Kawabata in 1979. Even more abounding in strange invention in the arrangement and alteration of sound than the above release. The alternative symphonic - studio recording demo tape from ‘80.

095.   OHKAMI NO JIKAN  /  Liturgie
   Ultimate work by the second line-up of Ohkami no Jikan - these are their last studio demo recordings. The cold flames of enlighened consciousness and sensitivity ran through this session. A strange work of the musical soul of love and hate that sucks deep on acoustic warnings.

096.   INYOGOGYO  /  Wood, fire, earth, metal, water
   Secretive “music” group formed by Makoto Kawabata and Asahito Nanjo. Taking as their theme the two contradicting powers that are the origin of all things, they explore the universe, nature and humanity. Studio recordings by a martyred group with a spacey psychedelic sound.

097.    MAUDITE NIGHT  /  Babel
   Surreal meditation music recorded by Asahito Nanjo with members of Menzaifu, based around the themes of “Darkness and hellfire”. Reverent choice of sound arrangement that could even function as an imaginary soundtrack. Studio recordings.

098.   MAUDITE NIGHT  /  Consummation
   Continuing on from the previous tape, this is meditation music overflowing with an impossible transparency within a heavy musical soul. Recorded by Asahito Nanjo with the members of Menzaifu. Studio recordings that attempt to expand the range of universality of group improvisation.

099.   HIGH RISE  /  Last Date
   Document of the last live performance to feature Ujiie Euro on drums. Recorded in the spring of ‘95 and used as a demo tape for foreign record companies. Simple and straight sounds played pure and tight. Unreleased recordings.


PSFD-2   HIGH RISE  /  II                           2800 YEN

PSFD-26   HIGH RISE  /  Dispersion                        2800 YEN

PSFD-48   HIGH RISE  /  Live                        2800 YEN

PSFD-78   HIGH RISE  /  Disallow                        2800 YEN

PSFD-58   TOHO SARA  /  same                        2800 YEN

PSFD-61   MUSICA TRANSONIC  /  same                     2800 YEN

PSFD-76   MUSICA TRANSONIC  /  A Pilgrim’s Solace                  2800 YEN

CHCD-19   MAINLINER  /  Mellow Out                        2000 YEN

LAMD-00   V.A. /  Psychedelic Atmosphere Beatnik                     2500 YEN
   includes Musica Transonic, Mainliner, Ohkami no Jikan, Toho Sara, Tatsuya Yoshida solo                                         

The following releases are forthcoming. Prices and release dates as yet unconfirmed. The other planned La Musica CD releases have unfortunately had to be shelved indefinitely due to circumstances beyond our control.

HIGH RISE  /  Psychedelic Speed Freaks 84-85  (LP / CD)

OHKAMI NO JIKAN  /  The Seventh Seal  (limited LP only)

MAINLINER  /  Par Sonic  (limited CD only)

MUSICA TRANSONIC & YAMATAKA EYE  /  Damp Squib  (limited CD only)


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Re: la musica discography
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Daiyon Kobo Tapes

Daiyon Kobo was an underground label / collective, extant from 1980 to 1983. It was formed by Asahito Nanjo, with the help of Tori Kudo, Tokuju Kaneko (from Kosokuya), Michio Kadotani and others, with the aim of supporting the various artists involved in the Kichijoji Minor scene. Daiyon Kobo was mainly involved with planning live events, however it also issued some independent cassettes and published a ‘zine. LA MUSICA Records intends to re-release these Daiyon Kobo tapes, along with other music from the time that remained unissued. The impact of this now legendary label was minimal at the time and eventually it ceased operation, however I feel that the world now has a need for these sounds. I would request any involved with the scene back then to get in touch with their opinions. Daiyon Kobo only had rights to the 35 recordings listed below - any other recordings are owned by other people.

100.   RED  /  Experimental Tapes I
   Red was the name for Asahito Nanjo’s early eighties’ solo work. This is an avant-garde artifact from ‘81 that features Nanjo (vocal and guitar) and Pinakotheca Records boss Takafumi Sato (piano) in an experimental psychedelic session.

101.   RED  /  Experimental Tapes II
   Free-form avant-garde session from ‘81 with a trio of Nanjo (vocal and guitar), Tamio Shiraishi (alto sax) and Takafumi Sato (piano).

102.   RED  /  Experimental Tapes III
   Bizarre duo recorded at the Kaoru Abe Memorial Concert, with Nanjo on vocals and Abe’s spiritual pupil JOE on alto sax. Document of an experimental performance where stoicism was taken to an extreme.

103.   RED  /  Experimental Tapes IV
   Experimental works from ‘81 and ‘82. Includes a performance by a Nanjo-led free jazz group which featured Akihiro Ishiwatari (ex. Pungo) etc. Also includes an avant-garde punk session with Tori Kudo.

104.   ROUA NO YAKATA /  Deaf and Dumb House
   Pessimistic esthetic avant-garde unit formed by Nanjo in ‘81. Fin-de-siècle death and decadence were the stock in trade. This is their only surviving recording. Also includes some of Nanjo’s acid, spacey solo stuff from ‘81.

105.   CONFORMIST  /  Dark
   Nanjo’s group, who were active from ‘81 to ‘82 on an ultra-underground level and who later developed into Psychedelic Speed Freaks. A dark psychedelic punk group who form the roots to both High Rise and Ohkami no Jikan. This is their only surviving recording.

106.   ROTTING TELEPATHIES  /  Rotting Tapes I
   Intense debut gig by the reformed version of Rotting Telepathies, formed in ‘81 by Michio Kadotani and Nanjo. Armed with just two guitars they played for 80 minutes, and the gig eventually escalated into a free-for-all with some drunk members of the audience. Essential document of a total freak-out noise avant-garde free psychedelic sound.

107.   ROTTING TELEPATHIES  /  Rotting Tapes II
   Document of a live performance from February ‘82, where they “deliberately” brought in some alternative punk-style tunes, and displayed the most band-like of all the incarnations of Rotting Telepathies. As a result, Kadotani’s madness is not so much to the fore as usual, but this is still one of the best recordings still extant (parts of it were included on the PSF CD).

108.   ROTTING TELEPATHIES  /  Rotting Tapes III
   The fundamental principle of Rotting Telepathies was to improvise everything and never play the same thing twice, but there was a period when they reflected the times and attempted to compose songs that would fuse punk and psych. This recording is from that time. Includes Kuge, famous ex-drummer from Pungo, but the concept was to play deliberately badly and fuck everything up. Bizarre piece.

109.   ROTTING TELEPATHIES  /  Rotting Tapes IV
   Last live performance from the second incarnation of Rotting Telepathies, who eventually split up after a series of accidents. The acid freak-out psychedelic sound on view here was the end result of exclusionary self-loathing and mental disintegration.

110.   KOSOKUYA  /  Death Trip Night (live)
   Mysterious live recording from ‘82 when Nanjo joined the band temporarily as bassist, following the split-up of Rotting Telepathies. He was only in the band for a few months, and very few gigs were played so it’s a miracle that this recording still survives. Nanjo is introduced deep into the band’s unique brand of heaviness allied with a dark sinking decadent psychedelic sound.

111.   KOSOKUYA  /  Death Trip Night (studio)
   The last surviving recording to feature Nanjo as a member of Kosokuya. This is an immense studio session - cool and heavy extreme weirdness where mysterious vibrations and acid heaviness merge.

112.   TORI KUDO  /  Early Tapes
   Compilation of rare tracks including a piano trio from ‘74 where Tori Kudo plays some real modern jazz, and a psychedelic session recorded in Kanazawa. Kudo’s Bill Evans style in the piano trio is especially remarkable in its polish.

113.   GUYS AND DOLLS  /  Manson Family
   Psychedelic group formed by Tori Kudo upon his return from New York in ‘81. This tape includes a live recording from just after the group was formed, and a private solo performance. The true cult essence of early ‘80s NY.

114.   GUYS AND DOLLS  /  Alternative Blues
   Weird live performance which includes Kudo’s arrangements of Joy Division songs and blues standards. Also includes a solo guitar performance from ‘81.

115.   GUYS AND DOLLS  /  Guys and Dolls Show
   Live performance from ‘81 with Michio Kadotani guesting, lots of heavy improvisation and a magnificently anarchic version of their famous song, “The Queen of Shaboo”. The cheapness of their attack lends this a weird psychedelic edge.

116.   GUYS AND DOLLS  /  Nervous
   Recording of an ‘81 performance at Minor, that I remember as very long and almost self-destructively anarchic. An experimental version of Guys and Dolls, aiming for minimalism through simple one-chord tunes.

117.   GUYS AND DOLLS  /  As tears go by
   Compilation of stuff from ‘81 including some early demos, as well as the fucked-up Christmas gig from just before the band self-destructed. This gig was a fragmented strum-and-moan set with Yoichiro Ikeda from Mentanpin guesting.

118.   GUYS AND DOLLS  /  Last
   Recording of the last gig from January ‘81 - the members were unable to grasp Tori Kudo’s concepts or direction and the group unfortunately split up. Messed up chords, and a deliberately unearthly rising and falling sound suggest an utter sadness.

119.   SNICKERS  /  Same
   An experimental unit formed in ‘82 with members of Fushitsusha, after the break-up of Guys and Dolls. Kudo had lost all faith in the band ideal at this time, and this is virtually solo experimental electronic psych-punk using a drum machine. Their only surviving recording.

120.   TOKYO SUICIDE  /  Same
   Kudo broke up Snickers after only one month and then formed this electronic psych-punk group to pursue the possibilities of drum machines. Kudo’s homage from Tokyo to his beloved Alan Vega - this shows Kudo’s sophisticated sense of humour at its peak. Their only surviving recording.

121.   SWEET INSPIRATIONS  /  Life affair trust music I
   The debut live performance of the psychedelic group that Kudo set up to puruse his new concept of intermingling signal generators and convertors. Kudo’s greatest band before the genesis of Maher Shalal Hash Baz. Simple and cheap garage sound that harks back to the days of Guys and Dolls.

122.    SWEET INSPIRATIONS  /  Life affair trust music II
   Kudo’s mastery of the songwriting idiom was only ever apparent on the written score - live he always tended to deliberately fuck the rhythms and chords. This is a document of one of those fragmented psychedelic garage live performances. Total originality can be found in his extremely personal sound and anti-rock cheap approach.

123.   SWEET INSPIRATIONS  /  Life affair trust music III
   Weird recording that documents the only gig Nanjo played with the band as a specially invited guest. An almost frightening document of the peak of Kudo’s free thinking and anti-common sense concepts - this gig featured a total beginner of a drummer. A miraculous fusion of barely-existing rhythms, faux-deliberate construction, off-key ensemble playing and melancholic melodies. Full live from the summer of ‘82, also featuring guest spots by Shinoda and Yatasumi.

124.   SWEET INSPIRATIONS  /  Life affair trust music IV
   Because Kudo had failed to strike up a relationship with the musicians and the band had accordingly broken up, he decided to reform it with non-musicians (SM club employees etc). This is a document of the ultimate amateur psychedelic group. In one sense this recording comes reluctantly close to Kudo’s ideal.

125.   SWEET INSPIRATIONS  /  Life affair trust music V
   Although Kudo continued to cut his own deeply individual path, playing at both punk gatherings and SM parties, the burden of having total beginners in the band eventually led to its break-up. This cassette documents their last ever gig in December ‘82. Kudo then disappeared from view for a while, eventually resurfacing with Maher Shalal Hash Baz.

126.   MAHER SHALAL HASH BAZ  /  First gig
   Recording of the first ever gig by Tori Kudo’s final and ultimate venture into the holy land of rock, Maher Shalal Hash Baz. His ultimate group with Kudo singing from his own unique aesthetics about thought and religion. Trumpet, low frequencies, melody guitar, musings. Phantom plaintive and confused earliest recordings from ‘84.

127.   TOKYO  /  1979 studio
   Legendary psychedelic punk group joined in ‘79 by High Rise’s Munehiro Narita (guitar). A valuable document that includes their only surviving studio demo recordings. The group was in contact with Ikue Mori of DNA from the No New York scene, and their musical direction is virtually identical to DNA’s.

128.   KYOAKU NO INTENTIONS  /  Hijo no Kyoaku I
   Psychedelic heavy improvisation group that was active in the Minor “Aiyoku Jinmin Juji Gekijo” series of events. Studio demo recordings from ‘80. High Rise’s Narita (gtr) was the leader of the group, and he wove his own brand of cutting guitar into their murky avant-garde sound. A cold-hearted sound was the aim.

129.   KYOAKU NO INTENTIONS  /  Hijo no Kyoaku II
   Last surviving studio material from ‘80. This band blended an awesome avant-garde sound with the raging power of Narita’s freaky heavy guitar lines. Historic avant-psych recordings.

130.   KYOAKU NO INTENTIONS  /  Hijo no Kyoaku III
   Document of a 1980 live performance at Minor’s famous “Aiyoku Jinmin Juji Gekijo” event in Kichijoji. This is the only surviving live recording from the band’s early period. Keiji Haino was so impressed by this ultra-high tension avant-garde free psychedelic performance that he asked to guest with the band.

131.   KYOAKU NO INTENTIONS  /  Intention Tapes I
   A compilation comprising a reformed live performance from April ‘82, and a psychedelic studio jam with guest appearances by Kaneko and Nanjo from June ‘82. The live performance showcases their transformation from an avant-garde band into a really heavy psychedelic-flavored rock group, and includes Narita’s powerful hard-rock approach to guitar set against very Neu-like tight drumming. The studio jam is a cool and heavy document of the weirdness that took place when the separate sounds of the band and guests finally met. Miraculously unearthed document!

132.   KYOAKU NO INTENTIONS  /  Intention Tapes II
   Second reformed live gig from September ‘82. The band single-mindedly purses the fusion of tight drumming and heavy guitar, and finally arrives at a callous hard psychedelic sound. On this recording the band is an drum and guitar instrumental duo. Bizarre individuality.

133.   KYOAKU NO INTENTIONS  /  Intention Tapes III
   The only surviving studio demo recordings by the second incarnation of the band from ‘82. As in their live performances this is weird freaky and heavy instrumental hard rock. Towering and serious psychedelic sound taken to an extreme.

134.   KYOAKU NO INTENTIONS  /  Intention Tapes IV
   Just when the band had come close to perfecting their unique brand of dour instrumental hard rock, things started to fall apart. This is a document of their last gig from November ‘82. Extreme psychedelic that single-mindedly pursues the fusion of free jazz and hard rock over some of the tightest drumming you’ll ever hear.

135.   V.A.  /  Heaven Tapes
   A mysterious tape issued by the legendary cult underground magazine “Heaven”, only known to a select few. Compiled and produced by Dan Takasugi (cult writer), Harumi Yamazaki and Toshiharu Osato, this documents the best and worst of a series of psychedelic and avant-garde performances held at Minor from ‘78 to ‘79. The major artists who played at Minor are all included. A maniac item that also features secret recordings of singer Rumiko Koyanagi and composer Tai Minagawa in bed together, cut up between the tracks.

   Unearthed phantom live recordings from Tokyo and Kyoaku no Intentions, the two groups that Munehiro Narita was involved in from 1979 to 1980. Explosive guitar work from the early line-up of Kyoaku Intention, recorded live at the legendary Kichijoji Minor. A cult item!

   Live recording of a ‘95 gig by free jazz drummer Shoji Hano and Tsurubami. Convulsive chaos and bizarre scales. Explosive, penitential music that internalizes extinct aesthetics and ancient Chinese philosophy to point the way towards new possibilities for improvised music.

138.   MERCI  /  Merci Tapes
   Private studio demo recordings by Mineko Itakura (vocal and bass) and Asahito Nanjo (vocal and guitar). Beautiful songs that overflow with a sense of simple and pure transparency. A collector’s item that displays a whole new side to Mineko Itakura.

139.   YAMASA  /  Kyukon no shima (The Island of Bulbs)
   Weird album from the avant-garde beatnik unit of Tristan Honsinger, Jan Hans Berg, Zet Tenpox and Makoto Kawabata, recorded live in Amsterdam. Taking as its theme the dissection of the drug experience, and touching on that unique Dutch mondo vibe, secret bulb consumption is transformed into untempered music. A martyred electro-acoustic work. Studio recordings.

140.   YAMASA  /  Kinoko-gari (Mushroom Gathering)
   Second release from the avant-garde beatnik unit of Tristan Honsinger, Jan Hans Berg, Zet Tenpox and Makoto Kawabata, recorded live in Amsterdam. Taking as its theme mushrooms and bulbs, this reverential work of cultured vibrations internalizes a special magical state.

141.   TUEUR SANS GAGES  /  Cut Off
   World-wide debut of a Turkish psychedelic acid-folk group! Suffused with the same fucked up vibe that drove early Red Crayola, deformed and mystically dark drunken vocals, avant-garde misery. Studio recordings. (NB the group has now split up).

142.   TUEUR SANS GAGES  /  Just a soro
   The last existing recordings by the Turkish psychedelic acid-folk group. A bizarre work that sings destructively of the meta-humanistic world. An underground group who radiated fucked-up magic and internalised innocence and anti-knowledge. Studio recordings.

143.   ADAM NASH  /  Music I
   A compilation of sound sculptures by Canadian avant-garde sculptor / performer Adam Nash. Natural avant-garde music that visualizes and collages the universal validity of sounds from both the human body and the natural environment. Studio recordings.

144.   ADAM NASH  /  Music II
   A second compilation of sound sculptures by Canadian avant-garde sculptor / performer Adam Nash. Natural avant-garde music that takes as its theme reincarnation.

145.   BAROQUE BORDELLO  /  First Trip
   Avant-garde group formed by Makoto Kawabata in 1979. Their phantom first recordings! Unconscious punk that acoustically arranges innocent electric explorations and avant-garde alternate meanderings.

   Weird trip group newly formed by Makoto Kawabata. Cheap, ambient trips mixed in Paris and featuring guest appearances by Yoko from Superball and Tatsuya Yoshida etc. The inorganic structural beauty of environmental music rearranged through Kawabata’s unique sensibility.

147.    MUSICA TRANSONIC + MAINLINER  /  Made in Germany
   Staggering live recording of Musica Transonic and Mainliner in Germany on their Autumn ‘96 European tour. Even though it was a multi-track recording, the group’s sound was so loud that the recording levels were heavily exceeded. An extreme acid work that chronicles destruction and rupture.

148.    MAINLINER  /  Psychedelic Polyhedron II
   ‘97 studio recordings that pursued new possibilites. A work suffused with a total acid feel that fuses a free-form heavy-psychedelic sound (sure to go down well with Krautrock fans), with a unique cool, free-floating vibe. A bizarre sound that reveals a whole new side to the Mainliner of old. This cassette contains unreleased outtakes and different mixes to the French LP, as well as the recordings used for the LP.

   Avant-garde duo work performed by musician Richard Youngs who has had albums released by Table of the Elements amongst others, and noted aesthete David Keenan from the Telstar Ponies. A mystical release of electro-acoustic-noise aesthetics that centres around violins. Studio recordings.

150.   HIGH RISE  /  Disallow Tapes
   Collectors’ item that compiles outtakes, alternate takes, and unreleased tracks from the 5th PSF album, “Disallow”. An explosive document of speed freak sound with the group’s more recent total groove feel. Studio recordings.


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Re: la musica discography
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151.    HIGH RISE  /  Disallow Tapes II
   Second volume of outtakes that includes the phantom opus “Siete” that was recorded for the 5th PSF album “Disallow” but regrettably didn’t make it on to the final CD. Weirdly incendiary recordings that are at once chaotic and uniquely groovy. Studio recordings.

152.    MAKOTO KAWABATA  /  Guitar Terrorism
   Live recordings of Makoto Kawabata solo in Belgium. This brain-haemorrhaging work includes a monstrous solo guitar set that was described in Belgium as “guitar terrorism”, and a session with Antwerp free jazz drummer Willy Bergman.

153.    MAKOTO KAWABATA  /  Leuven Tapes
   Solo performances Makoto Kawabata recorded in ‘96 at the nationally administered art-space STUC in Belgium. Based around the theme of ancient Chinese divination, this cassette includes an ultra-refined sarangi solo, and a solo guitar piece that hints at the dissection and collapse of the mountain ascetic tradition.

154.    KAZAMA  /  Shinkei no hakari  (The scale for weighing souls)
   Underground group formed by members of Hadaka no Rallizes who consciously transform “surreal acoustic experiments” and “physical fusions of aesthetic language” into music. Like a psychedelic wound that writhes in the cracks between “stasis” and “motion”, their aesthetic sound is a merit. Their sole remaining studio recordings.

   A compilation of live recordings from ‘81 and ‘82, when Tori Kudo worshipped at the altar of Charles Manson. Snickers were the duo of Kudo and Michio Kadotani - their debut gig included here is true chaos with a destructive electric psychedelic punk sound. The transient aesthetics of Sweet Inspirations would truly be worth listening to even in hell.

156.    MUSICA TRANSONIC  /  Orthodox Jazz
   “Normal cool mix” of the third album, released by PSF Records, with added outtakes to create a completely revised/ruptured version. A problematic work that reveals jazz’s uninhibited, joyful sense of dropping out, and continental Western European imperialism, along with a unique sense of groove. This mix reveals a fundamentally different concept and sound conception.

157.   TOHO SARA  /  Ryokai Mandala
   Phantom recordings destined for release by Fourth Dimension Records in England. A weird work that transforms and develops esoteric Buddhist rites and doctrines into acoustic structures. ‘97 studio recordings that realised in an avant-garde fashion the fulfilment of esoteric Chinese Buddhism that Kukai learnt from Keika.

158.    MUSICA TRANSONIC  /  Speed Theft
   Multi-track live recording destined for release on the UK label Shock. The gig recorded had a sense of jazz-like uninhibited hand-to-hand combat that exploded with a sharp sense of detonation. Weird free solid grooves that emphasise the cool and quiet rather than the band’s heavy rock aspects. ‘97 recordings.

159.   TOHO SARA  /  Kujaku Myo-o
   A revolutionary opus that frees the opposing acoustic concepts of “the feel of merciful Boddhisatva sutras” and “the deliberate acts of the Kongo Boddhisatva”. A psychedelic mandala for the phenomenal world that transposes folk consciousness with the philosophy of esoteric rites. ‘97 studio recordings.

160.   TOHO SARA  /  Katsuma Joshin
   Avant-garde recordings that attempt a folk-mystic musicalization of the acoustic laws of causality based around the secret texts the priest brought back from China, visualized as rhythmical space. A heretical work that unconsciously silences the impulsive reconnaissance of pre-determined formats. Studio recordings from ‘97.

161.   MUSICA TRANSONIC  /  Monster Blues
   A document from the front-line of global warming that liberates and psychedelizes the instant of rhythmical function of monster mimicry. Carefree speed recordings that amazingly manage to harmonise prayer-like melodies with destructive rhythms through ultimate wisdom. Tumultuous ‘97 studio recordings.

162.   MUSICA TRANSONIC  /  Monster Boogie
   A continuation of the “Monster Blues” concept. Tumultuous ‘97 studio recordings that bury an enlightened Nirvana-esque feel along with mythic rock vibes.

   Legendary live document of a folk psychedelic festival held at a temple by the Nagano Beatniks. Taking as its theme the most ancient forms of human life and the idea that folk dance is a primal impulse that supports life, this is a reborn secret music that welcomes and becomes one with the gods.

   A forbidden-zone psychedelic unit led by the legendary shamaness and acid folk singer Kukuri. Taking as its theme Ainu and Japanese mythology, this is a work of miraculous wave motion that creates a sensitive and ghostly world that internalizes the harvest prayers of ancient matriarchal agricultural societies.

   Friend of Allen Ginsberg and representative Japanese wandering beatnik poet Nanao Sakaki meets the earthy ethnological psychedelic group Nipponia Nippon. A phantom live document chronicling the exploits of the Nagano beatnik communities, and celebrating the living legend of the eternal hippie Nanao, who now in his seventies still travels the world.

166.   V.A.  /  Daiyon Kobo Tapes
   Compilation of live recordings from ‘71, including solo work from Joe Potts and Tom Recion of the Los Angeles Free Music Society, Mik from Kosokuya solo, Mik’s group Gohka. A bizarre release that sets dark psychedelic sounds against avant-garde noise music.
167.    MUSICA TRANSONIC  /  World Rock I
   A restored universal work that uses an imaginary progressive vibe and psychedelic methodology to dissect and contrast the acoustically layered structure of temporal reality in various parts of the world. ‘97 studio recordings.

168.    MUSICA TRANSONIC  /  World Rock II
   A world-saving opus of time/space psychedelic free progressive sound that aims for an extreme unawareness and the canonisation of unconsciousness. ‘97 studio recordings that are both an attempt at a suite and a piercing through the blind spots of acoustic delusions.

169.   V.A.  /  La Musica Tapes V
   Compilation featuring the British acid-folk trip duo David & Jane, the minimal acid group Seventh Seal, and mystic studio recordings by Johari who later evolved into Toho Sara.

170.   TELSTAR PONIES  /  Decadence
   ‘96 live recording by British aesthetic psychedelic group Telstar Ponies. They are a bizarre group who have vibes in common with Hadaka no Rallizes and Okami no Jikan - their merit lies in their pursuit of a decadent sound to represent the aesthetics of darkness and light. Unreleased recordings.

171-172.   BELGIUM RADIO SPECIAL ‘97  (2 cassette set)
   Recording of an FM Radio show that was specially edited and aired on Belgian radio to commemorate the La Musica Records European tour. The first radio programme in Belgium to introduce the Japanese psychedelic and avant-garde scenes, centring around La Musica and PSF.   (2 cassette set - ¥3000)

173.   TOHO SARA, ASAHITO NANJO  /  Live in Belgium ‘97
   Live performance at an avant-garde free concert, with a special line-up of Toho Sara featuring some Belgian free jazz players - the concept was to musically explore ancient and medieval magic. Also featuring a solo performance by Asahito Nanjo recorded live in Antwerp.

174.   OKAMI NO JIKAN, TOHO SARA  /  Live in Berlin ‘97
   Document of the ‘97 German gigs, featuring a special line-up of Okami no Jikan with a guest appearance by German heavy free drummer Lemi Negro Schwartz. Also a bizarrely theatrical performance by Toho Sara in Berlin.

175.   MAINLINER-MUSICA TRANSONIC  /  Live in Paris ‘97
   Recording of an immense live performance at a famous Paris jazz club by a one-off heavy amalgamation of Mainliner and Musica Transonic. The sophisticated jazz club was transformed into a shocking noise chaos - an intense performance from an insane night.

176.   MAINLINER  /  Live in New York ‘97
   Recording of a performance in New York where the band was supported by Ruins, Arto Lindsay and John Zorn. Rumours had spread like wildfire and audience expectations were at fever-pitch, and when Mainliner appeared in the main space at the Knitting Factory the assembled sophisticates and intellectuals were blown into submission by the whiplash sound of turbulence.


LAV-001   HIGH RISE  /  Psychedelic Speed Freaks 84-85   
      Edited compilation of 4 early gigs from ‘84 to ‘85. 60 minutes.
LAV-002   HIGH RISE  /  Tour 86 - 87            
      The ‘86 Kansai Tour, and the second album release gig from ‘87. 60 minutes
LAV-003   HIGH RISE  /  Fetch it 87            
      Document of the powerful ‘87 gigs. Two gigs, including stuff from the 2nd Kansai tour. 60 minutes.
LAV-004   HIGH RISE  /  Nuit 87               
      The ‘87 Loft gig, part of which was included on “Tokyo Flashback”. 60 minutes.
LAV-005   HIGH RISE  /  Truth Serum 87            
      ‘87 live performance from the Hall Class live space. 60 minutes.
LAV-006   HIGH RISE  /  Black Gungi 88-89         
      Edited version of 2 gigs from ‘88 and ‘89. 60 minutes.
LAV-007   MUSICA TRANSONIC  /  Non pas villaine      
      Crushing ‘96 live performance, around the time of the recording of the 2nd album. 35 minutes.
LAV-008   MAINLINER  /  Imperayritz            
      First gig by the new line-up of Mainliner. 30 minutes.
LAV-009   TOHO SARA  /  Kyutotan            
      Legendary live performance featuring the cult leader of the Nagano Beatniks. 30 minutes.
LAV-010   OHKAMI NO JIKAN  /  Enshikimu         
      First gig from ‘94, featuring the 3rd incarnation of the band with female rhythm section. 60 minutes.
LAV-011   MUSICA TRANSONIC  /  Pues que dios      
      Remarkable first gig from January ‘95. 30 minutes.
      Bizarre live performance from April ‘96 that features the two groups playing together. 40 minutes.
LAV-013   TOHO SARA  /  Horuya            
      The only gig played by the same line-up that appeared on the PSF CD. 30 minutes.
LAV-014   HIGH RISE  /  Dispersion            
      The last Kansai tour etc, from the year of chaos that was ‘88. 60 minutes.
LAV-015   OHKAMI NO JIKAN  /  Guan             
      Live performance from the time that they recorded “Reikyo”. 45 minutes.
LAV-016   MAINLINER  /  Chosi pensoso            
      Recorded on the “Psychedelic Atmosphere Beatnik Tour”. 35 minutes.
LAV-017   TOHO SARA  /  Toui               
      March ‘96 gig by a specially assembled version of the group. 30 minutes.
LAV-018   MUSICA TRANSONIC  /  Douce Dame Debonaire   
      Magnificent gig from spring ‘96, just before the release of the 2nd album. 30 minutes.
LAV-019   OHKAMI NO JIKAN  /  Kyomenkai         
      Live performance from the time when they were masquerading as a psych prog band. 45 minutes.
LAV-020   MUSICA TRANSONIC  /  Tel Rit         
      Recorded on the “Psychedelic Atmosphere Beatnik Tour”. 30 minutes.
LAV-021   HIGH RISE  /  Live ‘94               
      Edited version of the gig played for the recording of the PSF “Live” CD. 60 minutes.
LAV-022   HIGH RISE  /  Par High Rise 90s Vol.1         
      Edited best of ‘90s live gigs video. 60 minutes.
LAV-023   HIGH RISE  /  Par High Rise 90s Vol.2         
      Edited best of ‘90s live gigs video. 60 minutes.
LAV-024   V.A.  /  La Musica Records Video
      Omnibus compiled for the foreign market. Includes unreleased live footage from High Rise, Musica Transonic,       Mainliner, Ohkami no Jikan and Toho Sara. 60 minutes.
Cost per tape :
   Toho Sara / Musica Transonic / Mainliner 
   (except LAV-012)           $30 (US), £15 (UK),  42 DM (Ger) per tape
   Ohkami no Jikan + LAV-012      $40 (US), £20 (UK),  57 DM (Ger) per tape
   High Rise video tapes + LAV-024   $50 (US), £25 (UK),  71 DM (Ger) per tape

NB  All video tapes are available in NTSC, PAL, SECAM etc formats. The format you require depends upon your national system, eg Japan and USA use NTSC, the UK uses PAL, etc. Please specify with your order which format you would like.

This 10 pieces CD set is released specially as the 15th anniversary commemoration of HIGH
RISE's formation. This CD SET is made of recordings of live tapes of 15 years & still
recordings of studio materials. This is ultimate collector's item as it were & special box that
all takes are unreleased, so this is valuable boxed set. It isn't overlapped any LP, CD & LA
MUSICA tape that released so far.  Limited edition of 100 sets for manias.

LA MUSICA TAPES vol.1 / V.A. ( LMB 011-020)
This CD SET is a comprehensive collection of some recording sessions produced by LA
MUSICA RECORDS. This is 10 pieces CD box of 5 groups (each group put in 2CD)
An ultimate set almost all tracks recorded by unreleased & re-mixed materials. Only about
HIGH RISE, live takes(aren't put in HIGH RISE BOXED) are recorded. About other 4
groups, all tracks are studio recordings as malti-track recordings. Limited edition of 100sets.

LA MUSICA TAPES vol.2/V.A. (LMB 021-030)
This is a comprehensive collected set of 1990's avant-garde LA MUSICA recordings.
comtemporary classical & noise music, ethnic music, music to acid sound groups (fulled of
psychedelic sense) are recorded.
1993~98's recordings of studio works../ Limited edition of 100sets.

Recorded live sounds of PSYCHEDELIC ATMOSPHRE BEATNIK TOUR played in
various parts of the world. MUSICA TRANSONIC / MAINLINER / ACID MOTHERS
YOUNGS / ..and more. Comprehensive collected box of overseas recordings played as live
shows & recording sessions in Japan, European countries (England, France, Germany,
Turkey, Spain, Belguim)& U.S.A(New York, San Francisco, Chicago, etc)
1996~98's recordings. / Limited edition of 100 sets.

and more.heavy,garage,space,avant-garde,mondo,folk....etc. Psychedelic Compilation.
1980s-1990s studio and live unreleased materials. Limited edition of 100 sets.

Studio recordings, FM RADIO SHOW, live shows played in U.S.A. & Europe in autumn
'98. Studio recordings of MYSTIC SENSORIUM, ARCANUM (new groups formed by
INTENTION, OHKAMI NO JIKAN & MAINLINER..these all latest sound materials.
Limited edition of 100sets.

LA MUSICA TAPES vol.3/V.A. (LMB 061-070)
This miracle box set is a comprehensive collection of roots of Japanese psychedelic beatniks
Cult groups & their sects (who indeed desert from society & act underground without
relations from any scene) are introduced. Japanese representative psychedelic underground
musicians are fully gathered.
Studio & live recordings. / Limited edition of 50 copies.

This is special set as the 5th anniversary commemoration of MUSICA TRANSONIC's
formation. Comprehensive collection of recording sessions('94-'99). Collector's box set
recorded by all unreleased takes(unreleased songs, another takes, re-mixed takes). Hard rock
+ progressive rock - punk rock  + psychedelic - ethnic
Open public !! 90's whole story of MUSICA TRANSONIC !!

A sequel of HIGH RISE LIVE (grate favor!!) is coming out !! This is collector's item
sellected full of unreleased sound materials. 1984~99's unreleased live recordings. 15years'
HIGH RISE LIVE special sellections. A series of excavated sounds for manias. Open public
!! Limited edition of 100sets for manias.

10 pieces CD set of PSYCHEDELIC ATMOSPHRE BEATNIK TOUR's live and studio
recordings (1999 / U.S.A.) MAINLINER / OHKAMI NO JIKAN / TOHO SARA /
Limited edition of 100sets for manias.

Daiyon Kobo Tapes 1979-1983 (LMB131-140)
 Kyoako no Intention, Guys & Dolls, Tokyo, Red & more (10 CD)
Kudo Tori Tapes 1974-1984 (LMB141-150)
 1970-1990 (10 CD)
La Musica Tapes Vol.4 (LMB151-160)
 Seventh Seal, Ohkami No Jikan, Johari, Nijium - all live (10 CD) – NB no Nijiumu but some Major Stars instead
Psychedelic Atmosphere Beatnik 2000 (LMB161-170)
 High Rise, Ohkami No Jikan & more (10 CD)

High Rise P.S.F. Live
 1984-1999 (10 CD)
Nijium (original)     withdrawn?
 Keiji Haino (vocal, guitar, etc)
 Asahito Nanjo (bass, percussion)
 Uchida (percussion)
 Matsuoka (percussion, vocals)
 1990-1991 studio 16 track recordings (20 CD!)
Unreleased Live Sounds of 3groups:MUSICA TRANSONIC,MAINLINER,HIGH RISE.

Unreleased Live Collections:JIYUH MINKEN, NANAO SAKAKI & FREAKOUT.

Special Complete Final Heavy Version.9 Songs !

1999 Studio Recording ! Super Heavy Psychedelic Sounds.

Formed by the members of HIGH RISE,MUSICA TRANSONIC,RUINS,
Space Psychedelic Sounds.1999 Studio Recordings.

 Mail order information

Please write clearly the titles, the catalogue numbers and the number of copies you wish to order. Don’t forget your name and address either. Post orders to the address below. Payment should be by bank draft or IMO (no cheques please), cash in a registered envelope if you’re feeling brave (we can accept no responsibility for orders that fail to arrive), or by bank transfer to the following account :

Nanjo Asahito
Ordinary Deposit : XXXXXXX
Shakujii Branch
The Dai-ichi Kangyo Bank Limited

Ordinary Deposit:XXXXXXXX

Cassette tapes cost :    for under 10 tapes     $15 (US), £8 (UK),  22 DM (Ger) per tape
         for over 10 tapes      $10 (US), £6 (UK),  15 DM (Ger) per tape
         for over 50 tapes      $7  (US), £4 (UK),  10 DM (Ger) per tape
(Item 70-74 should be calculated as 5 tapes)

Video tapes cost :   
   Toho Sara / Musica Transonic / Mainliner 
   (except LAV-012)           $30 (US), £15 (UK),  42 DM (Ger) per tape
   Ohkami no Jikan + LAV-012      $40 (US), £20 (UK),  57 DM (Ger) per tape
   High Rise video tapes + LAV-024   $50 (US), £25 (UK),  71 DM (Ger) per tape

Postage rates :      for any order under 10 tapes -   $10 (US), £6 (UK),  15 DM (Ger)
         for any order over 10 tapes -   $20 (US), £10 (UK),  30 DM (Ger)
the rate for videos is identical to that for cassettes
for videos ordered together with cassettes -       $10 (US), £6 (UK),  15 DM (Ger) per order

All orders or inquiries should be directed by mail or fax to the address below.

4-5-25-302 Kami Shakujii
Tokyo 177

Fax : 81-3-3920-7085


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Re: la musica discography
« Reply #6 on: June 16, 2008, 11:52:36 PM »
wow, thanks alan, that is great... i was reading some of those blurbs over the weekend (had found some of the discography at archive.org)... they are insane and awesome, pure nanjo :)  didn't realize you'd done the translation.

wish this stuff weren't so insanely difficult to find, almost everything i've heard has been amazing.


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Re: la musica discography
« Reply #7 on: June 17, 2008, 04:39:13 AM »
I used to live about a five minute bike ride away from Nanjo in Tokyo. I remember he had an utterly insane one-room apartment just piled to the ceiling with records, videos and equipment. there was a two foot gap between the top of the pile and the ceiling and this was where he slept...
I know that some people had 'issues' with him in the past, but I took my payment for the translations in tapes and CDs and never had any problems with the guy.


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Re: la musica discography
« Reply #8 on: June 18, 2008, 09:37:33 AM »
OHKAMI NO JIKAN  /  The Seventh Seal  (limited LP only)

good gawd. this cannot come too soon... how "available" do you think these releases will be?

i have copies of a couple of those Ohkami No Jikan cassettes (#068 and #026 - i think... contains a final and second version of Israel?). would love to get my hands on a few more.

amazing info.

thanks Alan.

-Lee B
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-Lee B


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Re: la musica discography
« Reply #9 on: June 19, 2008, 04:28:44 AM »
Sorry to disappoint you but this thread is strictly historical... As far as I know Nanjo has no plans to reissue any of this stuff.


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Re: la musica discography
« Reply #10 on: June 22, 2008, 01:34:06 AM »
shit. i figured that one section of info was current... too good to be true i suppose.

that said, if anyone has any of those OOP Mainliner or Ohkami No Jikan cassettes they'd like to rip and share (via Mediafire, etc) that would be great.

OR, if that is frowned upon on this forum i can remove the post,


-Lee B


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Re: la musica discography
« Reply #11 on: June 22, 2008, 02:10:39 AM »
OHKAMI NO JIKAN  /  The Seventh Seal  (limited LP only)

good gawd. this cannot come too soon... how "available" do you think these releases will be?

You shouldn't be too surprised if this Ohkami title was identical to the Seventh Seal LP released by Acme a good few years ago. Similarly a few titles that have been released by Fractal and Vivo might have been taken from some (never-)released La Musica titles as well.


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Re: la musica discography
« Reply #12 on: June 23, 2008, 01:10:08 AM »
OHKAMI NO JIKAN  /  The Seventh Seal  (limited LP only)

good gawd. this cannot come too soon... how "available" do you think these releases will be?

You shouldn't be too surprised if this Ohkami title was identical to the Seventh Seal LP released by Acme a good few years ago.

-Lee B


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Re: la musica discography
« Reply #13 on: June 23, 2008, 03:48:47 AM »
Of the four upcoming releases mentioned in that old list, the High Rise was released by Time Bomb; and as Inge mentioned, the Ohkami no Jikan was released under the group name Seventh Seal by Acme (http://www.discogs.com/release/1126568).
The Musica/Yamatsuka was only ever released as a cassette on La Musica, as far as I am aware. And the Mainliner was either released under a different title, or it wasn't released at all.


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Re: la musica discography
« Reply #14 on: July 15, 2008, 03:15:44 AM »
nanjo had a bunch of those cassettes for sale when he was on tour through the us, none of the post-137 titles ring any bells but he definitely had the kyoaku no intention and snickers titles.  i didn't know the snickers cassette was kudo actually, that's kind of interesting.

one of these days i'll have to actually find my cd-r la musica sets, i probably should be concerned i haven't seen them in 10ish years.... haha (sigh).  alan, some day you'll have to share your secrets on staying so organized!  i'm sure i have this very catalog somewhere (along with the captain trip one) but who knows when they'll resurface....