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Author Topic: April PSF releases  (Read 2528 times)


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April PSF releases
« on: May 03, 2008, 07:28:14 PM »
Four new titles, just out on PSF.

Masayoshi Urabe
"Flag of Midsummer"
PSFD-174 (CD)
Release date: out now!
Alto saxophone, harmonica, chains, metal, accordion, bells, toy flute – Masayoshi Urabe
Metal junk, cello, etc - Kiyoharu Kuwayama (track 2 only)
A new solo album by Masayoshi Urabe is always a cause for rejoicing. This is his first since the frankly frightening Ware Wai Seidei No Kyojyo Zo on PSF in 2003.
Urabe rarely plays live now, but this live album catches him in action last summer in a converted saké brewery on the shores of Lake Biwa, near Kyoto. The damp heat of midsummer in this part of Japan seems to have worked its magic on Urabe, and this is an altogether gentler performance than normal. Over one long solo track, he bends his breath and body to the air in his saxophone, his tones blending with the sound of the insects outside the venue.
A shorter second track captures him in a rare outing on accordion, toy flute and harmonica together with Kiyoharu Kuwayama.


Another radical, effortlessly convincing album from the master of contemporary rock n roll breathing.


Tamio Shiraishi & MICO

"Live Duo"
PSFD-177 (CD)
Release date: out now!
Alto saxophone – Tamio Shiraishi
Alto saxophone, piano molanica, etc - MICO
A rare live album from one of the major names in the Japanese free noise underground – Tamio Shiraishi.
Shiraishi was one of the major movers in the free noise/underground rock/DIY improv Minor scene of the late 70s and early 80s that gave birth to so many of the major names in the Japanese underground. He was a pivotal member of a large number of groups associated with the scene, including Keiji Haino’s Fushitsusha. But Shiraishi has rarely recorded and thus enjoys far less name recognition outside of Japan. He has lived in New York City for the past decade or so, collaborating with the likes of Sean Meehan and the No-Neck Blues Band.
This compilation of live recordings captures Shiraishi live in Europe, the US and Japan between 2001 and 2007, together with NNCK member MICO. Forceful, intense, chaotic improvisations for saxophone, vocals, percussion, piano etc. Shiraishi’s trademark ultra high-pitched dog-whistle sax and guttural vocals are showcased to full and outstanding effect.

PSFD-178 (CD)
Release date: out now!
Vocals, Guitar – Shizuka
Guitar – Miura Maki
Bass – Seven
Drums – Kosugi Jun
Shizuka were THE great lost-in-action group of the Tokyo underground psych scene during the early to mid nineties. Led by doll-maker Shizuka, and with ex-Fushitsusha alumni Maki Miura and Jun Kosugi on hand, they created some of the most fragile and intense acid-rock of their time, but remained largely undocumented and under appreciated.
This gig documented on this CD, recorded at Bears in Osaka in 1995, was long whispered of amongst the cognoscenti. It catches them at a near-divinely inspired peak of fucked-up narcotic bliss. Shizuka’s uncanny vocals and tremulous sense of timing washing like brown sugar over fluid nebulae of guitar and drum nirvana, peaking and churning in perfect, weightless filigrees of light, cosmic cold and invisible motion. Miura’s guitar playing is just jaw-dropping.
Booklet includes lyrics in Japanese and English.

Kazuki Tomokawa
"Blue Water,
Red Water"
PSFD-8028 (CD)
Release date: out now!

Vocals, Guitar – Kazuki Tomokawa
Drums, Percussion – Toshiaki Ishizuka
Piano, mandolin, accordion – Masato Nagahata
Guitar – Taro Kanai
Violin – Ayumi Matsui
Tuba, Recorder – Takero Sekijima
Cello – Hiromichi Sakamoto
Latest album of devastating emotional transcendence from the Japanese underground’s most lyrical singer-songwriter. Full of classic, richly textured songs of love, loss and stunned acquiescence to the wonders of the world. Alongside Tomokawa’s regular collaborators Toshiaki Ishizuka and Masato Nagahata, the expanded group also includes Compostela-veteran Takero Sekijima on tuba and recorder, and improv-legend Hiromichi Sakamoto on cello.
Includes Tomokawa’s ending theme song for director Rokuro Mochizuki’s “Johnen – Jo no Ai” – a retelling of the Abe Sada story.
Booklet includes lyrics in Japanese and English.

May 21st:              Iro Iro Tamafuri CD – 80s shamanic noise legends!
                             Aural Fit 2nd CD – full-churn heavy psych!